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Presidential order of succession, 
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Social Services
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Veterans Benefits  
GI Bill, Health, Education, Loans, more

 "I am a Veteran" -  VA Benefits

Bivouac of The Dead - 1800s Poem by Theodore O'Hara 

What's so Proudly We Hail - about Memorial Day

Library of Congress

National Parks Service
Finda Park by State    Kids site
Alt-Park Svc Facebook: 1.3m like this rogue site FB

Protecting Your Rights
The ACLU, Police Injustice, Justice, more

Four Freedoms Speech 
FPresident Roosevelt 1941

  • Freedom of Speech
  • Freedom of Worship
  • Freedom from Want
  • Freedom from Fear

UN - United Nations  

CIA Factbook of Countries
US State Gov Links

Government, US and World History, more

UPI Defense News

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Defense One

Wikipedia in Simple English
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Government of the US

YouTube Hour film 

How we got into Iraq...
"Why We Did it" by Rachel Maddow, MSNBC