Major federal websites and news.  A good site to learn about your government, incl the UN, even other nations.  FB means Facebook

Official US website
Find many agency links

The White House
   Executive Branch
Mostly about Trump)

   Four Freedoms Speech FDR 1941

Presidential order of succession, 
just in case  Fm NY Daily News 2/2017

US Congress
House and Senate
Legislative Branch

US Courts & Constitution
Judicial Branch - Archives

Supreme Court    Constitution

Defense Department
Army Navy  Marines  USAF  USCG

Justice Department
FBI  DEA  ATF  ICE   more

Homeland Security
CIA  Immigration

State Department
Passports, Embassies, Overseas Travel

Social Services
Medicare,   Social Security,
Snap Food Aid,   Housing
              Dept Education,   CDC Public health

Veterans Benefits  
GI Bill, Health, Education, Loans, more
                      "I am a Veteran" -  VA Benefits

Bivouac of The Dead - 1800s Poem by Theodore O'Hara (Natl Parks Svc PDF)
What's so Proudly We Hail - about Memorial Day