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Wikipedia   FB
Knowledge about Everything
Searchable, Citizen Contributors
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Common Misconceptions

 Wikipedia Simple English
23,000 articles for the young or foreign speakers
Government of the US
Encyclopaedia Britannica
Unlike the Wiki, everything checked and rechecked by scholars

Shopping and Travel

  • Woot: One of the best places to find deals on the web; mostly gadgets and technology-related deals here.
  • RetailMeNot: Find coupons from for online and "real" stores.
  • ThisNext: Save what you find around the web at ThisNext, a social shopping community.
  • FlightAware: A free live flight tracker; you can view and track the activity of any private or commercial flight here, as well as get printable airport information.

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Quora FB
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  Enotes Homework help, study guides, ask the question

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Discovery Channel  FB

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Science and Math

The Connectory  FB
Kids and Math

Natl Aeronautics & Space Admin
Link: Star Child NASA for Kids
                Link: Imagine the Universe for Teens

New Scientist  FB
Science Magazine FB

News From Science

howstuffworks  FB
Health Stories and much mor

Infoplease many topics

 Recode (Vox Media)

eHow   FB

Today I Found Out  FB

The Mind Unleashed  FB


Project Gutenberg
50,000 free books

Council on Foreign Relations
Business Insider    FB
many articles and newsy topics 

 The Street financial news  FB

Foreign Policy

US Chamber of Commerce 

Liberals Are Cool   FB

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Aviation Week 
& Space Tech

Airplane Lovers: 
 My Collection of 900 photos

Popular Mechanics

Scientific American  FB
Prestigious Science Journal

Wonder How To  FB
Hacks and other stuff FBVery Tiny Dangers (Microscopic)
Sierra Club   FB
Environmental Group
Greenpeace USA     Intnl:   FB 
Environmental Group   FB
Global Climate Group

Citizen chasing Rich People around
(LIke Trump and Russians)

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Ron Hazelton Home Improvement
TV show 
 windows , walls, additions  

How to DIY (Do it Yourself)

The Spruce   Home Fixup
How to make electrica Repairs Basics

Politics  Tech   Health Care   Business  Science

Travel Channel
TwoRedDots   about world travel

AdAge  FB

Health Care Industry News
Health and Medical Care- many links

Retirement Investments - Planning

How to Choose a Financial Advisor - Forbes

Forbes:10-Questions to Ask your Prospective Financial Planner

Financial Planning Assn  (Certified Financial Planners)
Area Search by zip for Financial Planners    
House and Home
Just a few guidelines to help your thinking.

Cleverly FB
Clever solutions, food and more

Zillow Real Estate, homes, apartments

House Buying Tips 
The Simple Dollar

About Home and Garden

About How to buy FurnitureB

Better Homes & Gardens Magazine

Better Homes - Ideas to steal for your apartment

DIY Network (Do it Yourself Home Improvement)

HGTV Shows Online FB

HGTV Homebuying Secrets

Kevin's Food, Garden Tips
Like Skip Roundup and just spray vinegar on weedy walkways

Lawn Weed Killers

House and Home Upscale Decorating

Kiplinger Household Budget Worksheet
The Spruce House and Home

WikiHow How do I make a household budget

How Stuff Works Home and Garden

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