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Police Searches
Legal Video: When can police search you, your house, your car
Without your consent, police need "Probable Cause". What is it?

Surviving a police stop  

Police aren't to HELP YOU or BE YOUR FRIEND.  They troll the streets looking for lawbreakers to take to jail-- especially when they're bored.  Don't fa
ll for their slick tricks!    

CLICK FOR VIDEO: THIS is A LONG VIDEO (45 min)  but sooo worth your time BEFORE you're stopped!!

  • Why you stopped me."   Cops often ask if you know why they stopped you!  (Do NOT admit guilt to such a casually sounding but LEGALLY TRICKY question that's admissible in court)   Make HIM tell YOU why he stopped you.
  •   "want to remain silent until I have a lawyer."  (That  should end his questions to TRICK YOU to a jail cell.)  You are not obligated to answer his questions. Any lawyer would tell you to keep your mouth SHUT before you stick your FOOT in it!!!
  •   "I do not consent to a search."  The courts have said failure to consent is NOT probable cause.  You might have to remind the officer that YOU know that, and so should HE, when he baits you by asking what you're hiding!!   Which should put him notice that you KNOW your rights. Tell him.  "No search warrant, no search" (unless you foolishly left evidence out in plain sight!)  But in NO case should you STOP the policeman.  Or ever TOUCH him or threaten him!  NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER!   Settle it in court!
  •  "Are you arresting me, or am I free to go?"   (This should end the game he's playing which should tell him you' re done letting him jack with you!)  Moreover, once they realize you're not letting them bully you, they'll let you go, unless they have the evidence already.

The most Common DECEPTIVE reason police use to try tagging you for drinking is this one:
"I stopped you because you were driving left of center."Please step out of the car and walk the line. 

You must obey his lawful orders to test your sobriety, whether you think he's being truthful or not.   When exiting your car, keep your hands in plain sight; don't reach for anything without his specific permission--lest he worry you might be reaching for a weapon.  You might find time after getting out of the car to say:

 " You did have your DASHCAM ON when you were behind me, didn't you?  I'm going to plead 'not guilty' and subpoena your dash cam.  Then, we can SEE your 'probable cause' evidence on tape.

  • NINETH GRADE GOVERNMENT CLASS LESSON:   It's not up to YOU to prove you're INNOCENT.  It's up to the government to prove you're guilty!  Don't play into their hands as they try to gather evidence voluntarily from you!  Just say "NO, I want a lawyer."

About REFUSING a POLICEMAN'S DRUNK DRIVING FIELD TEST....OK to refuse walking the line and other silly physical tests... but refusing a Breathalyser may cost you an automatic suspension of your license in many states.  Remember, always be polite; don't argue; obey if he gives you a lawful order.
Advice from NORML lawyers!  Don't try to talk your way out of trouble at home.  Keep your mouth shut.. don't answer the door.  Make em Break it Down.    Ask them to come back later, if they dont' have a warrant.   Be polite but don't invite them in without one.   Simply say "I know youre trying to do your job but I never consent to searches without  a warrant."

CLICK FOR VIDEO:  Chris Rock's famous advice to the brothers on how not t get your ass beat by the po po.

5 ways to avoid arrest for simple pot possession

 7 Rules for Recording the police without them getting even with you 

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