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United States Executive Branch

The White House
The elected President, Donald J Trump, presides over all the nation's federal agencies. (Discussed below) He serves for a 4-year term and is up for re-election in Nov, 2020.

United States Legislative Branch

US Congress
House and Senate
The two bodies work in the US Capitol. House members serve for 2-years and are elected by 235 districts. Senate members serve for 6-years and there are two from each state.

United States Judicial Branch

Federal Courts  
The highest court is the Supreme Court of 9 justices appointed by the president and confirmed for life by the senate. Under it are federal courts in districts around the nation.

Supreme Court    Constitution

The President

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President Trump was impeached by the US House of Representatives in December 2019 and is standing trial for his removal from office by the US Senate in early 2020.

Presidential Order of Succession
just in case he is convicted and removed, or resigns from office.-- Fm NY Daily News 2/2017

Federal Agencies

Official US website
Find many agency links

Justice Department

FBI   DEA   ATF   ICE    more

Homeland Security
CIA     Immigration
Emergency Management
Disaster Preparedness

Defense Department  
 Army    Navy    USCG

  Marines      USAF

State Department
Passports, US Embassies, consulates, outposts,  Overseas Travel information,
passports,  Ambassadors and diplomatic staff.

Federal Social Services

   Social Security
   Snap Food Aid,    
   Dept Education ,  
   CDC Public Health

Veterans Affairs  
GI Bill (Benefits)
GI Bill, Health, Education, Loans, more
 "I am a Veteran" -  VA Benefits

The National Archives

Photo collections

 Library of Congress

US Census Bureau
Bureau counts the population and collects data for public use every decade. This site shares certain public data by state and city, by gender, age and racial demographics.

  National Parks Service
  Finda Park by State    
  Kids Park site

Non-Government Sites

   Alt-Park Svc FB : 1.3m like this rogue site

Protecting Your Rights
    The ACLU       Police Injustice

What's the difference between 
Republicans & Democrats?   
Leaving site to:

Four Freedoms Speech 
President Roosevelt 1941

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of Worship
Freedom from Want
Freedom from Fear,-98.24/6
Real time all worldwide plane flights

Google:  Nuclear War Checklist
Interactive Nuclear Map: 
Effect of Nuclear Blast on YOUR CITY

UN - United Nations  

CIA Factbook of Countries

Suburban Population Statistics
(by States and Cities;
not a Census bureau site)

Interactive Maps 
Maps of the US, States, World, history
Your Child Learns - free online education

If It Were My Home 
(country comparisons)

Tenth Amendment Center
Dedicated to Constitutional limits on Feds

Government, US and World History    UPI Defense News
Private news organizations covering the military

YouTube Marine Corp Recruiting Commercials

Video  Military Tribute  Kiss' Gene Simmons

Air Force Band mobs the Smithsonian

Defense One

Wikipedia in Simple English
123,000 articles Perfect for those whose
language isn't primarily English

Wiki:  Government of the US

US State Gov Links

YouTube film
Hubris: How we got into Iraq...
"Why We Did it" by Rachel Maddow, PhD, MSNBC  1 hour
Parody site.  Don't let your kids read
 any of the doomsday stuff
More government
parody paranoia

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