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Windows 10 upgrades happen a lot on Wednesdays.  Sadly you need to do them to keep the software up-to-date with quiet  'fixes'.  But they don't document them well, and often you have to reset your desktop icons.  The Microsoft programmers sometimes move menu things around.   Check PC Magazine and others.    WAIT a couple or several days before Updating.  Do it overnight, plugged in!.

Dont upgrade your OLDER PC's from Win 7 or Win 8 to Win 10.   Leave it alone until you dump your antique computer!  Most older computers just don't have enough memory for the new Windows 10!  Besides, many older Printers can't read Windows 10! Spring for a new one and printer too!!

Don't be afraid to update your IOS Apple Operating system on your Smartphone or Ipads.  If you don't, your 3rd party Apple software may not work properly. when THEY upgrade!   BE SURE to have your Smart phone/iPads PLUGGED INto the AC POWER!  Ya don't wanna run out of juice in the middle of an upgrade.   

Note also that Newer HP printers are cheap but they KILL YOU on cartridges.   Consider HP's subscription service for $4, $5, or $10 which is way cheaper than store ala carte prices!  Go to Best Buy!  I bought a newHP 8710 with a 100 page deal for 5 bucks a month.  Fast, quiet.


BTW, did you know that iPADS need more juice than iphones?   The IPad requires much more JUICE from your AC charger outlet than the Iphones do.   Get a BIGGER, SQUARE  BLOCK one at the Apple /ATT Store!  Bigger, square one COMES with your Ipad...and they work on your iPhone faster too!


Go see AT&T or Best buy for Apple's way NEWER and BETTER THICKER $25 cables with THICK CORDS and way bigger PLUG INS to power Apple's new cords to charge and data transfer  IPODS and IPADS!  Same price, but they don't SHORT OUT ALL THE TIME!
Read the bad news about hardware incompatibility!

To check your Win10 version, go to Settings.  Then System.  Then About.  Version 1507 will no longer be upgraded in early 2018!

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