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Best Links US
Weather, Radar,  Environment
Worldwide, interactive, animated radar. 
   Environmental issues

BestLinks US   Cultures
America's Many Faces
Lifestyles, genders, minorities, dating, style, poverty, hipness, extremism, religion, industry, learning sites, and house and home.
Best Links US News and Opinion
US News    Foreign News
Political Opinion   
Fact-Checking,  Government
(Military, Trump-tweets, VA, Homeland, Courts,  Congress, agencies, CIA world info, Natnl Archives, live airliner positionings, more.)

Best Links US  Rights
Justice & police abuse
Police abuse video websites, 
calling  9-1-1, when not to call police on kids,
 legal rules on searches, filming police, more

Best Links US  Creative Arts
Media, Fun,  & Entertainment
ShowBiz - TV, Movies, Theater, Celebrity TV
Radio/Music Links - Artists, Concerts, radio, music videos

Best Links US
Many, many more Topics 

Medical, education, industry, minorities, careers, house & home, links for all stuff!

Best Links US  People Assistance

Fixing Marriages and good Tips
Best tips for relationship growth, Rebuilding broken relations and forgiveness  Great tips for keeping relationships alive!i

Best Links US  Culinary Arts
Cooking Food
Recipe and  popular cooking sites YUM!

Best Links US
Computer Technology

Tips and tricks for PC's and Macs, smartphones, ipads, ipods, software help, passwords, computer speedup, free utilities.  How to fix a crashed PC.

Best Links US  Surprises
Oh Jeez!

Sensible sites and some not so much
heart warming, reformist, breaking gridlock, 
fixing things

Newsweek:  Why Donald Trump is very Dangerous Man 

Best Links US
Photo Galleries
(Not for large smartphones)  
Thousands of Internet Photos

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