Drink and Drugs


What's an addiction?

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  • Do you drink or use almost everyday? 
  • Do you hide your bottles or stash from loved ones? 
  • Do you always drink MORE than ONE because you can't stop? 
  • Do you drink socially and often get tipsy? 
  • Do you often drink alone and then just go to bed? 
  • Can you get through a day without getting high or drunk? 
  • Does your use upset your loved ones, or do you miss work/school? 
  • Do you black out, and forget what you did when you drink?
  • Do you drink and drive regularly?

Is it a chosen behavior or a disease?

  While drinking may start out as a choice, for people who have become addicted, it has become a disease once they can't stop.   People who aren't addicted don't understand that.  They think you can just quit, but your body doesn't look at alcohol and drugs that way.  This 70-minute documentary called "Pleasure Unwoven" by the Institute for Addiction Studies.   It details most modern alcoholic research.

CLICK HERE to see a video that is helpful for addicted peeps -- AND those who LOVE them!

Medication to Reduce Cravings

Science has made some strides in modern counseling and even medications. Check out what drug treatment center psychiatrists are prescribing to it easier to quit drinking, drugging, sometimes even gambling or food addictions. Learn about "NALTREXONE".

While chronic drinking often ends in death, drinking alcohol is more DANGEROUS  with certain very common medicines.   Check THESE!

Alcoholism, Dementia and Alzheimer's Disease Linkage

Drunk Driving Kills Thousands Every Year

That ugly fact is why police and states slam you hard if you get caught DUI!

Not every driver and friends make it home after drunk driving--so it could end up way worse than an arrest, suspended license which would easily cost you several thousand dollars in legal bills.  And multiple DUI's will assuredly land you in jail or prison.

Click HERE to see a shocking short-video and the bad news about what happens to friends driving drunk

Marijuana robs you of your time
Rotten Tomatoes presents a discussion and links about marijuana and the cultural aspects of smoking grass.  Trailers and video called  Culture High.

This documentary tends to advocate for legalization and libertarianism about weed. It doesn't talk about problems with smoking dope... which for most people wastes lots of time better spent on things like working, studying, and even just getting ahead in life.

Like all addictions, chronic marijuana use is the practice of excessive using, even when against one's better judgment!   One could say America's "War on Drugs" is as much a war on our own addicted young people as it is a war on the drugs and those who push them.

Arrest or a ticket to go to court.  As to the many states today decriminalizing marijuana use, most mental health professionals think addiction treatment is much better than addiction prison that absolutely ruins lives and futures.
America's Opioid Addiction\

How many opioid pills PER PERSON are sent to YOUR COUNTY? The Washington Post filed a Freedom of Information Act demand and got it. KC area counties are included in this map that shows what counties are being flooded into America, mostly for illegal smuggling.  Some US counties are black market centers.  Check the map.

KC area counties are running about 40-50 pills FOR EVERY PERSON.    The Map:

The Fentanyl Epidemic

Health care people are very concerned about street drugs that have been made more dangerous by drug dealers who cut opoids with a lab mixed chemical called Fentanyl. Here's the medical advice what this pain killer IS, symptoms, dangers and myths from Wikipedia.

 In fact, people are dying from overdoses by amateur chemists selling what amounts to poison to give abusers a better high.

Fentanyl has been used in hospitals as an effective pain killer for treating patients but it has been widely abused; some say encouraged by Big Pharma to make money through sales and by others who abuse legal prescription procurement for the same purpose.  It has been sold by itself and also used to mix with other drugs by drug pushers to increase potancy.   Too much made by amateurs can be very fatal, very fast and a high number of deaths continue to occur from this drug made domestically and imported from elsewhere, including China.-- according to news reports.

Time Addicted is Time Out in Your Life

Lots of times, drink or drugs are mostly when people self-medicate to control other issues--events or mental issues.

Click here to learn about mental health problems under the addiction.

Substance Abuse
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Talk to Your Kids 
 They Listen!
SAMHSA - a service of US Health & Human Services

Learn about Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous  Click HERE

Out of State Treatment

Below are some other choices--private choices, generally without reliance on religion, prayers or 'higher powers' as defined in the AA book. 

Smart Recovery   FB

Alcohol Treatment Alternative to AA

Discover the Power of Choice!“™
SMART Recovery’s 4-Point Program® helps people recover from all types of addictive behaviors, including: alcoholism, drug abuse, substance abuse, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, gambling addiction, cocaine addiction, and addiction to other substances and activities.
SMART Recovery (Self-Management And Recovery Training) is not a 12-step group, like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Treatment Pgms around the US
Community Meetings Search Smart RecoveryWikipedia review 

Here's a listing of many drugs which are often abused.  ARK is a premier program to help east coast residents.

There are MANY other advertised private and hospital drug/alcohol treatment programs which you can find by Googling "alcohol treatment" or "addiction therapy".   Many are expensive residential  or outpatient programs scattered across the country.    There are also local programs--some private--but many are funded by your county tax levees all over the nation

Treatment is Often Free in Your County or State

Check your state and local treatment facilities where you live for alcohol or drug recovery.  Start with HelpLine or on the internet searching for your City or County name plus "Alcohol Treatment" or "Drug Treatment."  Facilities with a resident physician can prescribe helpful medications to reduce cravings. Some will take insurance or provide lower rates if yours doesn't cover mental health.

Insurance Issues

Because addictions are now defined as diseases, insurance will pay for some treatment but rarely pays for court ordered DUI treatment to avoid jail time. Most insurance companies limit how much or how long they'll pay for "mental health" treatment.

And sadly, Medicare has NO treatment money although veterans can get help for PTSD and treatment from the VA!    AA and NA do not provide mental health treatment nor do they expect meeting payments beyond a dollar or two to cover the rent, utilities, and coffee.

Suspended Driving Privileges

We've certainly learned that if police catch you driving with a suspended license, they may throw the book at you.

One more tip.   If your state requires you add liability insurance to include "SR-22" coverage at additional monthly insurance expense, be sure to ASK the state when it's acceptable to DROP SR-22 coverage!   When you get your license back or at some other point.  If the coverage costs you more than $20 a month extra, it's worth your time to cancel it when the state allows!

Kicking the habit with AA or something else

How Recovery Works

Millions of Americans get sick and tired of being sick and tired of their addictions and how it slowly destroys their lives. 

Many fight it by trying out layperson Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)  meetings.  Founded in 1934, AA prefers to limit its program exclusively to alcoholism, but there are many many Narcotics Anonymous  (NA) meetings nowadays, all over America that help with abuse of narcotics, weed,  and prescription drugs.

Others needing help seek professional counseling from private or government treatment programs--which offer individual therapy in one-on-one and group therapy classes.  Any solution takes some work.  Let's look at them

No matter what you choose...

Recovery Isn't an EVENT, it's a PROCESS!

It takes months or more after you stop drinking and drugging for your brain and body to heal as best they can. Often your brain will completely recover...depending on how long and how much you used. You may notice your digestive issues will heal and disappear. Others too IF there was no permanent damage to organs like your liver and eyes.    Or cancers starting to affect your lips, mouth, throat, stomach or GI system.

Here are the Stages of Recovery.

Look on the bright side!

Ask yourself about the potential short and long term benefits of being drug free, especially in the years where you're learning well-paying job skills at school:

  • Physical health --are you feeling better? 
  • Emotional health --starting to FEEL better? 
  • Family relationships --do they see improvements in you? 
  • Social relationships --do you feel less isolated and are finding better friends? 
  • Work/school --becoming more career productive? 
  • Spiritual health --finding real purpose? 
  • Financial condition --finances improving yet?