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Computers for Dummies

This page offers you overviews of how computers work, what the terms mean (like the often misunderstood difference between memory and storage space).    Also tips on Internet connections, speeding up your sluggish computer,  viruses and various Windows operating systems.      And some links to help you with your Apple devices too!


There are very few Apple Retail sales stores in the US except those situated in the largest cities.  Their staff help fix your software issues at no charge and teach classes on Apple software right in the retail store.

Wrong UID's and Passwords updating your apps in Apple Store.  If you don't have an old id access in Apple Store to update certain applications, delete the offending app and RE-Install it under the Apple STORE ID and password you normally use.  (recommended it be identical to your Apple ID.)

YouTube Video:
iPhone Apps Spying on You

  How to Geek presents toys to buy and give to your ipad friends

Smart Phones vs Smart KIDs

The Play Outside Generations vs the phone Generations
a Videocast suggesting we quit using kids iPads to keep them quiet at home and schools to quit letting kids bring them to school where they're constantly distracted from classwork to check their messages every 5 minutes.

Text too small on your iPhone or iPad?
Goto: "Settings."   Goto: "Display & Brightness."   Goto: "Text Size."   Slide the slider to the right, halfway or nearly all the way.  Optionally turn on "Bold Text."


Video- what it does linking your pc to Apple devices


IPHONE's HEIC or PC's JPG photo formats

Switching your IPHONE to shoot photos in JPG format instead of Apple's HEIC format.  JPG works best when saving pictures on PC's.   Read more.

Finding Smartphone Downloaded Files
How to Geek Newsletter

      1-hand thumbboard, drag & drop, more you're probably not using!

Android--the iPhone alternative.
An Android device is a mobile computer that runs on the Android operating system. Android is an array of software intended for mobile devices that features an operating system, core applications and middleware. An Android device may be a smartphone, tablet PC, e-book reader or any type of mobile device that requires an OS.
  More on this from Techopedia...

  Lifewire offers these tips.

Internet WIFI nightmares

Home Networking

AT&T's Speed Test

Test your internet speed on all your PC or mobile devices. Copy this "Must Have" utility to all your devices. There are many brands.  Google to choose a different one if you want.

 Online Articles

Saving Battery life - settings turnoffs

Smart News
Downloadable mobile app to get news.

Phone Scoop    Phone Carriers
Phone Brands  Forums

The Last TIP:  Keep your device's Windows or Apple OS (Operating System) up to date!   And on Wednesday nights, leave your computer on all night when Microsoft usually pushes down their software repairs (which they now call "Feature Updates"), don't put it off!

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