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Policing in America

Any discussion of policing in the US will bring controversy and strong opinions from people. 

Other than public schooling, the most frequent contacts with government by citizens is with local police and those interventions tend to be negative because police routinely stop citizens to enforce laws, calm domestic disputes, or provide force to protect the population from criminals when they're called for help.

Wikipedia: Policing in the US
Wikipedia, the online Encyclopedia, conducts a comprehensive discussion of police history and controversy.

Police Issues
One of the countries' most respected mainstream newspapers.  Why Reform is so Hard.

 DuckDuckGo: Policing in America
Goggle's and DuckDuckGo's search engines retrieve the most commonly read internet articles on the topic.  Some will attempt to be objective and others listed will be activist in either reforming or defending police work.

 Click to see what happens, what they'll do
 Why you shouldn't sick police on your kid
First, legal bills are expensive; second, you can't predict what violence the government will inflict on your kid if he/she resists!

Experts say kids don't get adult sense until almost age 29.  So if they get in trouble, who do they have to depend on to look out for them when the government gets pushy?   It's YOU. 

Me, I never call the police except to pick up a DEAD BODY. Never call the cops on your troubled children because Police only make matters WORSE.  Kids need HELP not police with guns and jail keys!  Those are the only toos they  have, and most don't want to be counselors.  "Defund the Police only means fund mental health help too!!

 Mental Health Crisis?  (by Huffington Post)

Surviving a Police stop
Tips and videos on your rights and how to minimize confrontations when they won't.

And they say he's not a "fascist?"
Is Trump helping or hurting police-citizen relations?
Stop the Cop Haters   FB
Pro police site to end media criticism.  No website.

Cop Unblock FB   No website.

About Physically Resisting
When people 'resist'... are they really resisting a legal 'arrest' or resisting further pain?   Did they TELL you that you were under arrest?    You can't "resist arrest" until they tell you you're arrested!

Most cops don't deliberately confuse actual events by claiming you're attacking them so they can beat on you.   This is a real dilemma when dealing with rogue cops, though.   Best thing you can do is talk gently to them, assure them over and over, you're cooperating and let your actions show them.

Do aggressive police care when they hurt you?? Or are they using rough treatment on purpose, as their own "street justice"?

Now Proof!
Misbehavin' Cop Video
These bullies are why most people hate cops! Sadly, police don't usually police each OTHER--so they're also guilty of abuse! And prosecutors rarely prosecute the very cops they depend on to help them win their court cases! (This is why the FEDS should investigate police abuse, not county prosecutors who look the other way!
Cop Block   FB
Police injustice

Daily Beast   FB
Respected site, a good read; frequently covers policing issues

Democracy Now
Police Abuse

Free Thought Project   FB
Video and stories on police misbehavior

And Justice For All
Justice equality - police abuse
The Hill - article
Disturbing analysis of Police on Facebook

Flex Your Rights   FB

Teaching Tolerance   FB
A site for teachers --
Southern Poverty Law Center

Protecting Your Rights
American Civil Liberties Union
- Protecting Your Rights and Constitutional news.  ACLU is good site to friend and follow.

Young black kids all get the talk
 from parents about the police.

Click for inspiring PushBlack  stories:

This study is worthy to read it because it was controversial and upset a lot of people.  This is a case why the cop didn't get charged with murder... and that upset a lot of people in America, some of whom took to the streets, and caused the coining of the phrase "Black Lives Matter."   Read it.

NY Times 2017:  Big city police killings nothing new
Complaints high, punishment low

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