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This is the top menu page to the BestLinks section on Computers.  You'll find links here to the various broad topics including hardware, software, Windows, Apple, Internet connections and more.   Click on them to drill down.

Smartphones & Mobile Devices
Click this choice for Apple help.

Computer News Stories
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Hardware Issues
About being your own tekkie!

SMASHING your PC will make you feel better -- but doesn't often fix it!  Instead, grab a beer and call a favorite computer nerd to fix for you!

Microsoft Windows
The Windows operating system is the main software running your PC or laptop.   It has great features and great problems too.  Think of Windows as the user friendly layer between you and all the computer code inside!   Makes your computer fast or slow, manages your memory and lets you do things mostly with mouse clicks rather than writing nerdy computer code.  Click here for links to everything about your Operating System.

Microsoft Hypes their New Win 11

How to Geek

New Stuff in Computing-- you should subscribe to this to keep up with the latest including WINDOWS 11, rolling out now..

PC 101 Troubleshooting:
Software, problem solving, and more

Cable, Wifi, PC, Audio interference

Crashed PC? 
Download this PC Emergency Recovery link to another PC or paste and EMAIL it to your PC to show you or a friend how and where to go.

Computer Software
Internet Browsers, Office software, graphics and music programs  and "Must Have" Utilities (some are free!)

Download Warning:When downloading any software, always look closely at the supplier's URL address at the top of your browser.  ! Even if they show a manufacturer's logo, ONLY download from the original manufacturer's URL -- not outfits in the 'download' business. There's no money for them to offer you free stuff -- they get paid by piggybacking malware to your PC you didn't ask for.

During the download process, beware and UNCHECK boxes asking you to download other crap at the same time! If you don't, you may contract a computer STD that's hard to get rid of!

You need Anti-Virus and Computer Fix/Speed UP utilities on your Computer.   Find one by clicking HERE.

Popular Online Magazines
Since you don't have a PC manual, use online magazine websites to learn about the fast moving computer world.  Find em here!

Internet problems?
Trouble getting on or staying on the Internet??  Mobile WIFI is fairly new and not fully dependable.  Click here unless you just want to test the speed of your working connection:

AT&T's Speed Test
Test your internet speed on all your PC, Laptop or mobile devices. Copy this "Must Have" utility to all your PC, Mac, or mobile devices.  Key search word:  "Speed Test".

There are many new testing software apps now for PC and in the Apple Store. If you dont' choose AT&T's, then pick another one. But test often!

Safe computer for kids:

Handy video to help protect your kids
Cyberbullying Video

Major Computer Makers

Support sites and Driver providers

Dell     HP

Apple     Toshiba

Canon Printers

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