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Civilization is made of many cultures: racial, national, religious, gender, and many more. Here are links to some of them. (FB means Facebook)

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WOKE-ISM: The Trendy New Cultural division that's all the rage!

The right wing media loves to divide their readers about liberal notions apparently to scare their readers into hating all things liberal, progressive, or Democrat.  Not easily defined, it has generated plenty of dull reading material about Critical Race Theory, gender, sexual orientation and Wokecraft  are on podcasts found on the web discussing the whole vocabulary of topics for authors and activists.

So they're throwing the word around about anything divisive against the 'left' is  Its mostly BS.  It's mostly gobbledygook but the discussion rages in corporations and universities and among social activists. Here's How Merriam Webster Dictionary defines Woke-ism:

What to Know. Woke is now defined in this dictionary as "aware of and actively attentive to important facts and issues (especially issues of racial and social justice)," and identified as U.S. slang. It originated in African American English and gained more widespread use beginning in 2014 as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Another interesting comment condeming the movement on the internet from "':


Wokeism is an oppressive mind-virus. Our mission is to stop the virus with data, ridicule, and community.. Wokeism is a Marxist inspired movement that started off with well-intentioned people that wanted to stop racism and social injustice. It has now morphed into a cult that seeks to silence all of those that disagree. At first, using social humiliation, but now graduating to violence through ...

 Here are the primary examples of woke gurus on the subject of race and you may wish to Google these names for other remarks about them:

New Discourses
Audio essays and texts related to racial and LBGTQ teaching youngers in schools can be found here among other topics..


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Peace and Quiet
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Spiritually Health Hemp 
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End the Drug War

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