A collection of counterculture, not always truthful but not always lying to you either. This page generally doesn't support 'extremism' but seeks to help you understand it.

ex-trem-ism  Definition:  belief in and support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable

Wikiquote Definitions    Extremism is any ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the acceptable standards of the society whose laws govern them.

Southern Poverty Law Center
2017 Intel Report

Trump rallied many of his campaign supporters with fiery language, condemning immigrants and criticizing many institutions and citizen groups.

He has chastised President Obama for not using the phrase "Arab extremism" He was fond of firing up his campaign audiences with fiery slogans. Growing numbers in the US, often young people, exhibit outlying ideas over race, nationalism and intolerance.

Trump is a Corporate Spy

Business Insider Trump and the Republicans selling sell your privacy without your permission.

Protecting your Privacy

FreeCodeCamp Tips FB 
Securing your browsing

VIDEO:  Why do people become Religious Extremists?

Infowars--Alex Jones Radio Show.

Paul Joseph Watson "My Last YouTube Video?"

Dissident shows Internet extremism and warns about establishment censorship on the Internet and YouTube. It's a useful video published on Infowars.

True Activist

Christian Science Monitor TEST: How well do you know American Extremism?

Breitbart FB A trump right leaning favorite  Said to be a supremicist site. Former Breitbart chief Editor is Steve Bannon, a key resident advisor to the new president.

History of Steve Bannon - Washington Post Spring 2017

Right Wing Extremism.

1995 Homegrown Terrorism,   168 killed, including daycare'd children.  More than 500 others were injured in an explosion at a US federal government complex in Oklahoma City on the morning of April 19, 1995. US Army Veteran and security guard Timothy McVeigh was later convicted on 11 counts of murder and conspiracy relating to the blast.

Gateway Pundit FB

Conservative Lady Right wing, popular with bigots

 Tea party zealots try to make extremism sound "Patriotic."

Wild BIll VIDEO making "Right Wing Extremism"sound virtuous

Question is this: Do the 'law abiding' 2nd amendment types intend to stay law abiding?

Dark Internet of Mystery

"The Dark Internet" Quora has an Explanation for Dummies

Somebody else's dummy site

The TOR system: browsing in private

Cracked on Weird isms people hide

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