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ex-trem-ism  Definition:  belief in and support for ideas that are very far from what most people consider correct or reasonable

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Extremism is any ideology (particularly in politics or religion), considered to be far outside the acceptable standards of the society whose laws govern them.

Southern Poverty Law Center
2017 Intel Report

Former President Trump rallied many of his campaign supporters with fiery language, condemning immigrants and criticizing many institutions and citizen groups.

He has chastised President Obama for not using the phrase "Arab extremism" He was fond of firing up his campaign audiences with fiery slogans. Growing numbers in the US, often young people, exhibit outlying ideas over race, nationalism and intolerance.

Since the November 3, 2020 election in which President Trump lost the election, he has maintained he 'won by a landslide', despite all  indications and Senate acceptance of the results from all 50 states.   It was that day, January 6th, Trump held a rally in Washington, and claimed he would lead his followers to "fight" against what he called his stolen reelection. 

Trump went back to the White House instead and watched hundreds of his flag waving supporters storm the Capitol, ransack it even in the Senate chamber and Congressional offices.  The Senate, in session to vote on the election, recessed until later that night to approve them but meantime, ran and hid for their lives in the building.   Some of Trumps seditionists on live TV were heard to chant, "Where's Nancy" (Pelosi), and even chanting, "Hang (Vice President) Pence"  who Trump accused of not helping him stop the election vote.  

The insurrectionists, some of whom clearly had planned violence, severely outnumbered the Capitol police who did not properly prepare for the invasion, despite signs it was imminent.   According to reports, Trump did nothing to stop the raid for several hours before apparently being forced to tell them to go home. 

 Several people were killed including one protestor at the door of the Senate chamber, and a Capitol police officer who was beaten to death.   An investigation is planned of the former president's role; still not accepting his defeat, Trump prefers to be called just the "45th President".   He has hinted at another run for office after having been impeached a second time but also twice not convicted.

The refusal by many Republican Senators attested to their loyalty to their party president, even though their Minority Leader Mitch McConnell openly admitted the House prosecutors were right in charging Trump had egged the crowd on and was responsible for the Capitol insurrection.

Protecting your Privacy

Quora Anti-Capitalism
Dedicated tot he analysis and critique of capitalism with a pro communist - socialist agenda.   This is a discussion site sponsored by

Business Insider

Political discussion and news

Libs of Tik Tok     FB
Militant, conservative, and outrageous
Kicked off TW for hatefulness

Now on Fox, this outspoken pro Trump talk show host has been removed from Facebook.

OAN - One America Network   FB
Another right wing Trump Friendly media outlet on the web

Parler - 
an on-again, off-again site considered by some as a pro-Trump, violence promoting website for the crazy Trumpsters. 

                        Huff Post:  They're back!  (dated Feb 15th)

Paul Joseph Watson "My Last YouTube Video?"
Dissident shows Internet extremism and warns about establishment censorship on the Internet and YouTube. It's a useful video published on Infowars.

True Activist

The right's worst nightmare.   Wokism is an extreme liberal movement infiltrating universities, even corporations that pushes politically correct, inclusive issues to promote diversity, even forcing it and using political pressure to achieve it.

Christian Science Monitor TEST: 
How well do you know American Extremism? 

Breitbart FB 
A trump right leaning favorite Said to be a supremicist site. Former Breitbart chief Editor is Steve Bannon, a key resident advisor to the new president.

History of Steve Bannon - Washington Post Spring 2017

Right Wing Extremism

1995 Homegrown Terrorism, 168 killed, including daycare'd children. More than 500 others were injured in an explosion at a US federal government complex in Oklahoma City on the morning of April 19, 1995. US Army Veteran and security guard Timothy McVeigh was later convicted on 11 counts of murder and conspiracy relating to the blast.

Gateway Pundit FB

Conservative Lady Right wing, popular with bigots

Tea party zealots try to make extremism sound "Patriotic."

Wild BIll VIDEO making "Right Wing Extremism"sound virtuous

Question is this: Do the 'law abiding' 2nd amendment types intend to stay law abiding?

Major right wing Facebook & radio partner group.
Founded 2014 after morphing from Western Journalism. 
Many readers under the following sites, some of which 
are owned by Liftable.

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       Liftable's major propaganda subscribers:

      Western Journal  FB👎 
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        USA* Radio  (Trending Today Net)
    Liftable   FB 
          Heart warming news stories, skews older ages
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Dark Internet of Mystery

"The Dark Internet"
Quora has an Explanation for Dummies

Somebody else's dummy site

The TOR system: browsing in private

Cracked on Weird isms people hide


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