Computer Internet Connectivity and WIFI


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AT&T's Speed Test

Test your internet speed on all your PC, laptop or mobile devices. Copy this "Must Have" utility to all your devices.

Poor connection?  Know where in your house is the closest and most direct place to connect your mobile device  to your WIFI wireless box and know what your test numbers should be.   Reboot fairly frequently, especially if your device is SLOW or your Videos break up--especially when using SKYPE or other video conferencing.    

Not your problem?  If you know your download signal tests strong, suggest the person at the other end either reboot and reconnect with you, or move to a closer location to their router/gateway box.   The problem may be on THEIR end!  If you're irritated with an in-and-out video signal, plan to reboot 5-10 minutes before you make an important video call!  You need the best signal you can get to keep your video picture and your conversation free of drop-outs!

Internet WIFI nightmares

A lot goes into getting and keeping a computer or mobile phone connected to the internet. Microsoft and Apple have done a good job making it easier for new computers to help you connect in the past few years but there are still issues you may need to troubleshoot.  Some are easy, some aren't-- but your challenge is to figure out where the problem is.:

  • Is everything plugged into the power or is the battery charged enough?
  • Do you just need a simple Reboot so your PC can reset, replenish it's useable memory, and take a new look after you've made changes?
  • Has there been a failure with your Internet provider and they are working on it?
  • Are your favorite websites down due to malfunction, or slowed down because of high customer traffic but yet others are working normally?
  • Has a storm downed internet cables within your providers network or just your own neighborhood between your provider and your house?
  • Has the power from your electric utility been fluctuating,  damaging your equipment, or needing a simple reboot?
  • Has your home internet Gateway receiver from your provider failed or need rebooting?  (Did you wait 5-10 minutes for it to reset itself after you rebooted it?   Are all the lights that need to be steadily on working or blinking?     
  • Do you have the phone number for your providers' help desk and a phone you can use to reach them?  Have pad and pencil ready and be ready to reboot their equipment while talking on the phone with them.)
  • Do you have a battery/surge protector device your equipment is connected to need to be turned back on after a power interruption?
    Have you blown an electric circuit or are the lights still on where your equipment is plugged in?
  • Have you fiddled with your computer's Internet Network settings so they no longer work?  (Do other computers at your house connect well?)
  • Device hardware and drivers - have they failed and need replacing, or drivers updated?   
  • Does your browser need to be upgraded to a fixed version?
  • Do you live too far from the internet provider's tower to get a strong signal to your house or mobile devices?
  • Are there obstructions like metal ducting interfering with the signal between your Gateway and your device?
  • Have there been national connection issues on the satellites so  your internet servers can't communicate with your local provider?
  • Have there been power outages at critical places anywhere along the line between your computer and your favorite websites?
  • Did someone along the way not pay their bill?
  • When your connection shows signs of life, are you sure your connection is fixed?  (Since your browser often stores your LAST working webpage within your computer, did you test by trying to connect to a different website?   Always check this before you grab a beer and declare your problem is solved!  And make sure you didn't have TWO problems and you only fixed ONE of 'em!)

It takes a serious computer troubleshooter to find the trouble spot. 

  • What works and what doesn't?  This helps you rule out where the problem ISN'T!
  • Do other computers or phones work while just the one you're using has failed?  (That excludes a lot of possible problems to help you narrow down the failure.)
  • If your provider provides both computer and TV, does your TV work even if your computer connection doesn't?  (That rules out some possible troublespots.)
  • Have you reset/rebooted all the devices you have control over (like your Internet provider's home Gateway, your own computer or mobile device?)
  • Have you checked for a faulty cable or connector within your house?

Expert Help

Of course you have to have SOME connection to get help from  internet websites.  Can you take a laptop or mobile device to the library, a friend's house, or McDonalds?   Can you change your laptop or iphone settings from connecting only to your home WIFI to your cellphone's timed DATA instead?