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Science- Math -Language
BestLINKS US: Links to MANY topics like aviation, business,education, travel, medical and more

Links to get help deciding and preparing for a career.  Links on education from K-12, college, including financial aid, special education.

Links on employers, corporations, investing, business, and more

The Conversation
Multiple Topic articles sorted by subject
Links on retail industries, vacation travel tips, sources. radar tracking airliners, and more
Do-it-Yourself (DIY) tips, sites on buying, selling, fixing up your home or apartment.  
Ask questions by topic area and get professional answers from one or more specialists in fields like Psychology, Journalism, Economics, History, Science, Parenting, Tech, Education, Personal Issues, politics, Government, international events, and more.   If you have expertise, you may join and answer questions; the better your answers, the more questions you'll be asked!

  Just for men Issues

Wikipedia Family of free stuff

Sensible sites and not so much ones, heartwarming, reformist, and issues of race, LGBTQ, Woke-ism and other off the wall ideas.

Many links on raising well adjusted kids, dealing with parenting problems, evaluating childhood growth milestones, autism and other issues related to the kids.

Healthcare and medical links to providers, insurance, illnesses and conditions.

World Health Organization

CDC - Atlanta
Center for Disease Control

An online atlas of nations

Official UN website

(country comparisons)

Google:  Nuclear War Checklist
Effect of Nuclear Blast on YOUR CITY,-98.24/6


Realtime all worldwide plane flights.  Know your flight number or origination airport and track your flight's traveling progress on the planet, worldwide. 

Protecting Your Rights
The ACLUPolice Injustice

Thought Co.
All about education and learning

howstuffworks  FB
Health Stories, and more

A Treasury of Primary Documents

This is an invaluable set of links to American and European classic and important documents throughout history--like the Bible and early translations, Constitutions, early Colonial, historic documents from the US Founding Fathers back to the Middle ages and more than you even know about.

Crash Course Series  FB
You Tube videos on various topics
Courses especially for young people

List /links to US Public libraries.
(Click icon  next to your library for link.  Click the small browser star to make your library a browser "favorite.")

Infoplease many topics

 Recode (Vox Media)

eHow   FB
A good source for how to fix things, do things.  Its a place to go for you to read up on projects and prevent mistakes.

Today I Found Out  FB

The Mind Unleashed  FB
Progressive head thinking.


Popular Mechanics
Longtime online publication on cars, vehicles and man toys.

Wonder How To  FB

Top 10 Links
Everything, sorted, check here too!

All My Faves
Sites by Topic

Stumble Upon   FB
Opens random sites of your interests.
Very fun. Get it emailed to you.  A great site to help you surf the web to learn stuff.
I Heart Dogs
Non Profit tracking Hate Groups in America;  
Learning for Justice:  involved in the accurate teaching of racial issues in America's schools.

Aviation Week
& Space Tech

Airplane Photos: 
Collection of 900 photos
Requires a Google Photo album application.
Thousands of pictures

Department of Commerce
Tasked with a variety of programs including space, climate change,and much more

National Aeronautics and Space Admin (NASA)

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin
        National Weather Service
Sierra Club   FB
Environmental Group
Greenpeace USA  
Intnl:   FB 

Environmental Group FB 

 Environmental Group

Citizen chasing Rich People around
(Like Trump and Russians)

Foreign Policy

Council on Foreign Relations

Liberals Are Cool   FB

Politics   Tech   Health Care   Business   Science    Excellent pages