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Except at work, most people spend the majority of their time browsing websites on the internet.  So you will want a good one, and want it to maintain your list of Bookmarked Favorite web pages.  That's what this page is for.

The best browser isn't Microsoft's!

It never was, but Netscape, which WAS the best one was discontinued long ago. And two better Microsoft ones remained:  the recently discontinued "Microsoft Internet Explorer" and their brand new, weak "Microsoft Edge" that rolled out with Windows 10. 

Windows Edge by Microsoft

Sadly, Microsoft keeps pushing it on us during each Wednesday's Windows fix upgrade!   And tricky Microsoft sometimes tries to change your default browser to Edge, even if you'd earlier set it to a better one.   You can't delete Edge from your PC either and you have to go to some lengths to keep Windows from launching it automatically into memory!

It's really not a bad idea to have two browsers on your computer because they have different features. Here are the official download sites for the two better browsers:

Chrome - by Google
Best free browser!

Firefox - by Mozilla 
*** 2nd Best free browser!

Add your own Search Engine for private surfing

A search engine owned by the browser companies is a mega-huge database that will accept your key search words and give you a list of websites that list your search words among their 'keywords,'   The order in which your browsers' search engine displays all which match depends on how much advertisers pay them.   That's why advertisers with deep pockets are listed first and sites which don't pay may be placed deep down in the list, if at all.

Search engines are like huge old-fashioned library card catalogs and they collect information on you too.  Periodically search engine companies methodically 'webcrawl'  the entire net to find the urls and keywords of millions and millions of websites. Add the anonymous Search Engine into your new browser--replacing Google's or Microsoft's Bing's , Yahoo's, Duck Duck Go, (or Amazon, Facebook, YouTube) . They sell your personal information to advertisers based on all the websites you search for or land on! 

 Duck-Duck-Go doesn't!   In fact, unless you can turn it off, your BROWSER also sells your browsing habits to advertisers too.  You can set your browser's default Search engine among the settings choices in 'Setups," found in the upper right corner of a browser page (either 3 vertical dots or 3 horizontal tiny lines. to access setups.)

Duck-Duck-Go Anonymous searches -- Duck isn't actually a browser but rather it's a Search Engine you can install on your browser that doesn't sell your browser habits to Google, Microsoft's Bing, or other companies who pay for your email or URL to send their ads to you. Instead, install Duck as your 'default search engine' to maintain a better level of privacy.

(Example: Look up "diabetes" and next thing that happens is you'll be mysteriously barraged with diabetic advertising! Do you want that?) 

Warning:  When you click on a Download site for some software you want, make sure it's run by the genuine software manufacturer--not a third party outfit wanting to sell you other stuff.  That means, make sure your'e getting Microsoft software from Microsoft!   Or Google's stuff from Google.  Or HP printer drivers from HP-- not some Download Service that may or may not have the lastest genuine version!

 Click on this excellent example
--and learn this warning or you'll eventually get some software you don't want on your computer!  It might even require you use a virus or malware remover to uninstall or clean them out!

Save time...
Organize and Save your Favorite Websites 

Copy the URL's to important or favorite websites and organize them into drop-down topics so you can easily find them and go to them.  
"Bookmark" your Favorite Websites 

Lifewire:  Cool Websites to Always Bookmark

Online Safety tips for people with ASD 

 While these tips were written for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder,
 they are helpful for anyone interested in internet safety.

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