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BestLINKS US: Tips and links for fixing and speeding up Windows finicky operating system Buying Software Applications.   
We use our computers to write letters, keep financial accounts, work with pictures, enjoy music, and get on the internet for fun and learning. We need to buy or find free software to get our computer to do these things. Here's an software overview of "Applications" that do these tasks.  
Finally.. a smoother Windows Nov 2019 update.

Easy to install, fixing their buggy update from last spring.  Mostly fixes under the hood.   How-to-Geek gives reasons why you should update it.

BULLETIN:   Microsoft has REWRITTEN  MS Edge Browser.   

It's avail for download as of Feb 2020,and will be PUSHED down in a later Spring 2020 upgrade.    You can DOWNLOAD IT NOW.   Here's the link (I"m testing it now, its smoother than Both the original Edge and also better but very similar to Google Chrome.

DOWNLOAD article and site:

Tips and Tricks to Fix Win 10

Passwords, Internet, slow PC's.  Windows doesn't offer manuals anymore to guide you in finding our way around Windows so you have to rely on computer websites to help you.

Laptop Magazine

Settings to change in Win 10 right away
Set a crash Restore Point, Unhide file extensions, Unhide known file types, Disable user account warning, Disable the lock screen, Make Chrome or Fox your default browser instead of crappy MS Edge they push on you, Speed up your shut-downs,

Change (make bigger) the size of text, icons

Change Windows Default Font

Find and Install new Font styles

Change your background and screensaver 

Change Win 10's color theme to a darker one

Microsoft's directions to fix unsupported issues.

Create custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Show hidden Windows Files and Folders

Add the old "My Computer" to your desktop

Add a child or adult user to your PC
  Give a trusted adult Administrator rights
Change your password in Win 10

Get to your familiar Desktop in Win 10

Add a Printer to your PC

Let Windows SCAN its System files.

Backing up your Personal Data
In Win 8/10--Use File History Program
Getting Rid of useless Win 10 stuff

Downloading Win 7, Win 8.1, and Win 10 legally

Internet Connection Problems.
Connecting and staying connected can have its problems because when they come up, it takes some work to find out just where the problem is--on your computer, or with your internet equipment, or your internet provider.
      AT&T Internet Speed Test

Photo Viewing and Editing.  Windows makes it easy to download, store, organize, view, and edit pictures. Here are some topics to guide you in how to do it.

Using Windows "Photo" to view and edit
Making graphics thumbnails bigger (soon)
Edit a Photo to Fit your Desktop
How to take PC Screenshot photos

Uninstalling unneeded program applications

Downloading Services Risks
Warning:  When you click on a Download site for some software you want, make sure it's run by the genuine software manufacturer--not a third party outfit wanting to sell you other stuff.  That means, make sure your'e getting Microsoft software from Microsoft!   Or Google's stuff from Google.  Or HP printer drivers from HP-- not some Download Service that may or may not have the lastest genuine version!
 Click on this excellent example--and learn this warning or you'll eventually get some software you don't want on your computer!  It might even require you use a virus or malware remover to uninstall them!
Computer Viruses and Malware
Safeguard your PC by installing a good anti-virus program and a malware cleaner---but not just ANY of them.  Some are tricky!

Read before you get your computer infected!

Cleanup and Speedup utilities for a healthy PC

Using Windows Task Manager

A handy tool you get to by pressing Ctrl-Shift-Esc tells you what's running at a given moment on your PC and lets you shut down programs that are eating your computer's memory or frozen up. This article explains every feature and technical term in the Task Manager from our friends at How to Geek: Task Manager.

Weekly Windows Update
Windows is complex software--so complex that Microsoft struggles to keep up with its own technology, including companies that seek to take advantage of Window's weaknesses to commit harm.   It's complex enough that Microsoft actually sends out program fixes every week, and it quietly fixes its fixes!   
Usually early Wednesday mornings, the day you should have left your PC on overnight because these "Feature Updates" take some time to download and install.
Updates are best performed when you're not needing to use your computer.  You can schedule a time when you won't be working with it in your Start menu's "Settings", "Update & Security", and "Change Active Hours."   
If you press the button that says "Check for Updates", Windows will check your computer and its software library anytime, and immediately begin updating your computer if you need it.   During updates, you often will have to Restart your PC if Windows doesn't restart it for you.
Powercord Tip:  if you're updating your software on a Win or Apple laptop, plug it in and keep it plugged in for the entire upgrade.

To check your Win10 version, go to Settings. Then System. Then About. Version 1507 will no longer be upgraded in early 2018!

Windows Old XP Operating System

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