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PC Lockups, Bogged down Computer 

First, if your computer is slow and Windows takes an unusual time to bring up one or most programs, first stop, then SAVE YOUR WORK (and be patient if it is slow but does finally save it.)   

Then close down by properly EXITING all open program windows, and then "Reboot your computer."   
That two minutes to shut down, restart, and go back to what you were doing is a good way to make sure you don't lose your work, to assure your computer is exhausted and finally locks up, or restarting resets EVERYTHING-- like giving your PC a whole night of good sleep in 2 minutes!

If your PC memory is full and exhausted, it may take even a minute or two or three before it SHUTS down or RESTARTS.  Your computer SHOULD be releasing memory that a program no longer needs when you Exit and close it.  But sometimes it doesn't let your memory go, to be available for your next tasks.

If you continue to experience an unusually sluggish PC or Laptop, your computer may not have enough memory for tasks you often do--first shut everything down and reboot.   This can happen if:
  • You don't have enough memory chips installed.
  • You never or rarely shut down your PC to reset everything.
  • You have too many programs open at once.
  • You are working with very large documents or graphics
  • You're surfing complex websites, that have lots of graphics.
  • Your hard drive is almost full of data and you need to make room.
  • You need to often run a utility to delete unnecessary temp files.
  • Your PC loads unnecessary programs on startup.
You may want to buy more memory chips at a computer store and have them install it, if the computer has the ability to utilize it.   If you check your settings and see you have maxed out your PC's slots to install more, or you already have at least 16 Megabytes of memory chips installed, then your computer slowness is probably a software or virus issue. 
  Time to investigate!

Getting rid of your bad habits. 

  • Close and exit programs when you're finished with them.
  • If you work with graphics, save and reboot every hour or so.
  • Close Windows you aren't using.
  • Be sure to reboot every night except Wednesday when Microsoft windows sends you updates.
  • Rid your PC of programs and special features, and freeware you don't need--like exotic screen savers, too many fonts installed you don't ever use
  • Your hard drive is nearly full and you need to back up or delete files and programs you no longer need.
  • You need at least one PC utility to regularly clean up and vacuum your system and your hard drive.
  • Keep your software up to date when manufacturers send you program updates, fixes and features most people use today.
  • Don't rely on an antique PC that can't handle the features of the modern, graphics oriented photos and software today.  Get rid of the old one when it needs to retire.

Virus and Malware Protection

Protect your PC and your Data!  Windows actually comes with both Malware and Virus protection in your Setups and Security settings. Almost weekly (usually on Wednesday nights) if you have turned Automatic Updates on, Windows will download the lastest anti-virus modifications. Other private protection programs will too and if you feel more comfortable with additional protection (with additional cost), Click here to focus on Anti-Virus, Spyware, and Malware separately.

Warning:  When you click on a Download site for some software you want, make sure it's run by the genuine software manufacturer--not a third party outfit wanting to sell you other stuff.  That means, make sure your'e getting Microsoft software from the site hosted by Microsoft itself!   Or Google's stuff from Google.  Or HP printer drivers from HP-- not some Download Service that may or may not have the lastest genuine version!

 Click on this excellent example
--and learn this warning or your computer mightr get infected by some software you don't want!  You might even need to use a virus or malware remover to uninstall them out!

Performance Problems (Slow PC)
Computer Utilities help you house keep your computer files and manage them; others keep your computers running smoothly and we cover them in some detail below.

PC World:
Free Utilities Lists

5 Reasons for a slow laptop

Windows 11 Performance Tools
better than the old Task List offered in earlier versions.

 Speeding up your PC 

Speed up, refurbish your PC

All computers today need protection from computer viruses. Fact is, in recent years Windows has a satisfactory anti-virus/anti-spyware program built-in for free.  For most people that's good enough.  Read more on PC protection.

Windows Chimp site

Fixing Windows Settings when something doesn't work.  Subscribe to this YouTube Channel, or Mark it in your Browser's favorites/Bookmarks for future reference...make a drop down called "Computers" and collect them all there.

New!  Youtube
Wicked Fast Windows 10 Cleanup
This software really works--deletes garbage Windows runs in the background you don't need.  Noticeably faster if your PC's been sluggish! Free Utility Works!    Or $19 ONE TIME lifetime for Pro Version.  This declutters Windows, turns off unnecessary applications.

Thumbnail Photos disappeared?  Note that the program may turn off Windows features you discover you really want to keep. Google the problem to see what needs to be changed back. For example, Pegasun might have turned off your Thumbnail photos shown in Pictures or File Explorer. Turn it back on in the Options menu settings by putting a check mark back in "Show Thumbnails not Icons."

  Computer speedup software
Recovery applications, registry editor, BoostSpeed,
Defrag, Articles

CCleaner by Piniform 
No longer a "Must Have." While it has useful features to clean out your registry, deactivate memory startup hogs, snoopy cookies, and other slow-down files, if you want to keep using it,  download it carefully.

Warning:  Anti-virus giant Avast, a Czech Republic company, has bought out CCleaner! Avast is itself, malware. It sneaks onto your computer piggyback in other installs like CCleaner's, and then takes over your PC and is written so you cannot remove it; worse, it slows down your PC.

Avast bought Piniform's CCleaner which used to be a reputable company that writes a good utility to clean the junk off if your PC (but won't clean Avast off of it!) It's programmers have written it to keep you from removing it. If you watch carefully during CCleaner's installation, you can spot a checked checkbox to also install its parent company's product, Avast. UNCHECK IT! Avast is likely NOT the most popular anti-virus program,despite it's aggressive marketing claim; it's makers seem to lack the kind of ethics that would generate much public trust. Competitor MalwareBytes does not remove Avast which defends against its removal!

Lots of people first download the free version of utilities and if you find them helpful, consider buying the "Pro" version for more features.

  Wise Cleaner 365
WiseCleaner has a handy utility that lets you reset your memory without rebooting when it just starts slowing down. The paid-for "Pro" version has some excellent features over the free one they offer.

Cleaning out AVAST Malware

Avast aggressively prevents any Windows attempts to uninstall its many programs during an install but Avast does provide a way to get rid if it--which you would want to do if it slows down your PC to the point you want to throw it off a building.


 Avast's uninstaller asks you to reboot into "Safe Mode" and you should say "Yes".   It will then force your PC into Windows "SafeMode" and uninstall its programs while showing you its progress onscreen.  It takes time, especially if Avast has slowed your computer to a crawl.  When finished, reboot and it wouldn't hurt to run CCleaner or Wise Cleaner if you have it. 

(This author significantly increased the performance of a Win10 mini-PC maxed out with only 2mb of memory after removing Avast with their tool.  The Bestlinks US webmaster routinely uses both Wise365 and CCleaner.)  

Many customers will try the free versions before buying the upgraded one.

Another utility to speed up your PC by cleaning out unnecessary junk and settings.  Author of this page has no opinion on this product.

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