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Computer Software

A computer is just a dumb but very powerful machine that stores digital files and lets you buy and use Software tools to help you actually do creative work.  Companies write computer programs for specific tasks, like to write documents, keep accounting spreadsheets, create artwork, store lists and files, send the work to other computers or printers, and even entertain you.

You don't have to know how computers work; you only need to learn how to work the software to get things done.
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Microsoft Office Suite of software.   Pricy (costing a couple hundred dollars) but very popular to millions and millions worldwide to write resumes, letters, work documents, book manuscripts, accounting spreadsheets, visual presentations, and more.  Computer magazine LifeWire explains it.   There's also a free open-source suite of knockoff programs called "Open Office" explained below if you need only very limited word processing software.

Graphics/Photography Software.  Windows offers built-in MS Paint artist's program which has gotten more powerful over the years to help you edit and draw graphics. "Photo" is also a free software helps you edit and Rescue photographs and we show you how to use it. Lifewire offers an overview.  

Professional Design programs, for artists and engineers.  Those care called "CAD" programs (Computer Aided Design) and they're used to design everything from ships and planes to buildings and products you find at the stores and slick magazine advertisements.  LifeWire offers an overview.

Games and Entertainment.  We don't cover those on this page but you can Google video games which are on the internet or downloaded onto your computer.  You sometimes play the computer and sometimes connect with other people on the internet and play them.

Internet Browsers, and other tools to exchange information with other computers.    These help you connect and communicate with other computers around the world.   Link here to install and use them, most of which are free and help you explore the world of knowledge on the Internet.

Email Software.  Email ("Electronic mail") has replaced millions of hand written messages and documents physically sent through post offices. It's revolutioned how we communicate around the world in only seconds--all within the last 50 years! Microsoft's Windows offers a free built-in Email program simply called "Mail."  Another is in MS Office and third party companies make them too with similar but unique features.   Including freeware called Mozilla Thunderbird.   Another is Becky.  Here are Lifewire's recommendations.

Anti-Virus & other 
Computer Housekeeping Utilities.

Protect your PC and your Data!  Click here to focus on Anti-Virus, Spyware, and Malware separately.

Warning:  When you click on a Download site for some software you want, make sure it's run by the genuine software manufacturer--not a third party outfit wanting to sell you other stuff.  That means, make sure your'e getting Microsoft software from the site hosted by Microsoft itself!   Or Google's stuff from Google.  Or HP printer drivers from HP-- not some Download Service that may or may not have the lastest genuine version!

 Click on this excellent example
--and learn this warning or your computer mightr get infected by some software you don't want!  You might even need to use a virus or malware remover to uninstall them out!
Computer Utilities help you housekeep your computer files and manage them; others keep your computers running smoothly and we cover them in some detail below.  You need at least one program to keep your computer happy.  Click here to find them.

Some Extensions Masquerading as GOODware!
Delete the Malware, like these in Chrome

PC World:
Free Utilities Lists

All computers today need protection from computer viruses. Fact is, in recent years Windows has a satisfactory anti-virus/anti-spyware program built-in for free.  For most people that's good enough.  Read more on PC protection.

Windows Chimp site

Fixing Windows Settings when something doesn't work.  Subscribe to this YouTube Channel, or Mark it in your Browser's favorites/Bookmarks for future reference...make a drop down called "Computers" and collect them all there.

New!  Youtube
Wicked Fast Windows 10 Cleanup
This software really works--deletes garbage Windows runs in the background you don't need.  Noticeably faster if your PC's been sluggish! Free Utility Works!    Or $19 ONE TIME lifetime for Pro Version.  This declutters Windows, turns off unnecessary applications.

Thumbnail Photos disappeared?  Note that the program may turn off Windows features you discover you really want to keep. Google the problem to see what needs to be changed back. For example, Pegasun might have turned off your Thumbnail photos shown in Pictures or File Explorer. Turn it back on in the Options menu settings by putting a check mark back in "Show Thumbnails not Icons."

Free Desktop Wallpapers 

Windows provides many free, attractive programs to personalize your PC or mobile device with background pictures and screen saver photo galleries.

But certain third party software offering these freeware goodies  are really enticing you so they can sneak viruses, malware, unwanted programs, even porn on computers. So be careful out there--it's a rough neigborhood!

 ZDnet    FB

Fixing your smartphone's Touch Screen

CNET Video:
Freeware Explained

Some software applications charge you to install their software. Others offer some of it free with hopes you'll buy a more advanced version or other software they also make and sell. Learn about getting some good software at no cost, but maybe a donation if you use it frequently.

Get a free PDF Reader program

PDF files are common text/graphic programs because they easily let you search inside them; they're ideal for writing long documents like instruction manuals than can be write-protected so they can't be modified. 

Without a Reader program, today's Microsoft Word reads PDF files if you have bought MS Office --  but it's not a heavy duty PDF file Reader or Creator.

Adobe Corp offers you their free "PDF ACROBAT Reader" so you can read PDF files and manuals others have written.  Definatly DOWNLOAD this Free Reader which you should install on your PC so you can read PDF files.  (Be sure to download it from 'Adobe Corporation"-- not some knockoff download company that gets paid to also slip unwanted stuff onto your PC.)

You'd need another program  if you need to Create PDF's.

Adobe charges for its PDF "ACROBAT" CREATOR and you can download a TRIAL VERSION here before buying it.   (Correcting this links, per 9-2021), 

There are several knockoff versions which also createPDF files and some are free!  Download SourceForge's free PDF Create. For light users,  this works fine.

Find your missing keys with "Tile!"

Tile is a small white finder program that 'beeps' when you page it from a computer or smartphone.   If you're near your missing dog (set of keys, bookbag, etc)  you can 'page it' so it will beep, allowing you to locate exactly where it's hiding.  These devices are about $20 each and last about a year before you have to replace it.  Tiles are avail at Best Buy, Target, other places.

GIZMOS Freeware

ZDNET Homepage

    A 3rd Party Downloading Svc

Cheap alternative to MS Office
Free "Office" software for light-duty users

Open Office
Open Office is a suite by Sun Systems (Apache brand.)

It's a knockoff of Microsoft's pricy "Office" program that contains Word, Excel and other programs.   This is a choice if you don't really need a spreadsheet or word processing program very often.  It works well enough for light users and it's free!

Adobe Open Office:
ADOBE Open Office Download

Freeware knockoff of MS Office  Open software
"Open software" is a class of software that isn't copyrighted or owned by a particular company.  "Open" programs means that whoever wrote it has offered it to anyone to modify it so long as they don't charge for it.

Other Software and Device Drivers

Dell Corporation:
DELL Downloads 

Hewlett Packard (HP Corp:)
HP Downloads 
  HP Drivers

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