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About 400 Non-partisan, Liberal and Conservative sites.  Some are objective, but others push their political agenda on you!

  • These "News" and "Political Opinion" sites can be confusing because they intermix news and opinions AS facts.  Sadly, nobody at school taught you how to listen very closely to their words and sharpen your 'BS detector!

Below are links to dozens of organizational websites and Facebook pages.   Click on those links to leave this page, go to those sites and then hit your  back button < to come back here.

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-- major papers and broadcast/web outlets dedicated to straight non-partisan news content

BestLinks:  Major US news outlets
mostly from Britain, and Russia outlets. The order of listings do not necessarily reflect on the sites' relative importance or objectivity.

FB 👈
American Civil Liberties Union of lawyers
 supporting the Constitution's Bill of Rights

All Sides Unbiased balanced News but 
their assessments on mainstream media outsets seem too harsh
      to call them LEFT or RIGHT tho some lean slightly in one 
     direction or the other on the political spectrum.  Otherwise a good read.

Upscale news and opinion for subscribers

Online, founded 2017 by Politico, graphic oriented
  Health Care     Business     Science
    Tech  Politics

Bill Moyers   FB
    PBS Journalist, former LBJ press secretary
    10 Best Investigative Links

Braver Angels, formerly known as Better Angels, is the nation's largest grassroots movement uniting red and blue Americans in a working alliance to depolarize America, mostly through media.  They specialize in debates, and interviews through podcasts and other outlets to bring people together.  (Project of Conservative Wash Times.)

Generates many exclusive reports
                              The relationship between Business Insider
                                 and seems confusing.

Christian Science Monitor  FB 
Objective reputation

538 Five Thirty Eight  FB
Objective political news and well respected,
operated by Nate Silver, a pollster much more right than not.

Popular podcasts all sides. many authors.  Look into this popular  medium for articles and video of long-form discussions on a variety of topics.

Popular podcasts, long form news and discussions

 The Hill   FB👈
VeryPopular nonPartisan political site, well read in Washington!

The Hill's lifestyle magazine format

The Intercept   FB   

Mainstream Journalism, West Coast

The New Republic   FB 👈
 News and opinion journalism since 1914

The New Yorker  FB

Upscale news and opinion for subscribers
Andy Borowitz (New Yorker satirist)

  Mainstream Strong Journalism
         NYT's Opinion  FB

New York Post   FB
  Right leaning Tabloid owned by Fox's NewsCorp

Open Secrets   FB  👈
What's a "Superpac?"
Lists the big donors paying for your votes

     Survey on Media Trust/Distrust
   'Most Trusted' news list

Hot independent political commentary

 ProPublica   FB 👈 📷

   Quo  Ask questions by topic area for expert answers from one or more specialists in fields like Psychology, Journalism, Economics, History, Science, Parenting, Tech, Education, Personal Issues, politics, Government, international events, and more.   If you have expertise, you may join to answer questions; the better your answers, the more questions you'll be asked!  (There are some political hacks asking loaded questions here, though.)

Raw Story    FB

Reuters   FB 
International Coverage

Roll Call   FB Congressional news

TruthDig   FB 
  truthdig is on haitus

Well written page

Vox   FB

Wall Street Journal   FB

   Strong Journalism, Owned by Dow and News Corp

Conservative journalism, right leaning

  Mainstream journalism, DC paper
  WaPo Politics  FB
  WaPo Opinion   FB

Washington Times  FB
Conservative journalism, right leaning

This is
Walter   FB
 a newsletter for grownups by former Time execs and reporters.

New journalism site gaining popularity

24/7 Wall St 
  Business News

      6:30p Flashy, liveshot intensive, repetitive, few stories
  ABC David Muir  FB

   CBS Dana Bash, political

CNN News   FB 👈
Atlanta based, known the world over for news, especially International
and on Cable; the oldest running cable news operation. 
 Especially recognized for its Mideast war coverage.

6pm Eastern, Senior Reporter and Anchor 

CNN Politics  FB  👈

8pm Eastern, personality anchor

Sundays, 10a/1pm International affairs expert

Fox is less "America's Newsroom" and more of a propaganda mill catering to US conservative and Trump followers.  Prime time shows are mostly commentary, not news. Fox avoids or re-spins anti-Trump news and repeatedly guests Republican politicians.

Sean Hannity FB  👎📷
8pm Eastern
    9pm The Angle  LifeZette  FB  (Her site)
10pm Volatile, deliberately controversial

  Gov Mike Huckabee   FB  No website,
  Phony religious guy, failed 2016 contender
  The Five FB 👈 📷
 Roundtable discussion 4 conservativs vs 1 progressive
  The Fox Nation    FB 📷
Kinda sorta Fox news

  Fox Radio News 

Conservative TV's newest offering, going head to head with Fox.
Available on most cable providers and the internet.

 New opinion free TV and web news by newspaper giant Scripps Howard.  Debuted Oct 2021.

  MSNBC All Show Highlights
  Liberal leaning, Mainstream News Shows
 Objective as is NBC News' long history

Alex Wagner Tonight FB
9pm & 11p Tuesdays-Fridays   Eastern
 Aug 2022 show debut, liberal, wokish

 Rachel Maddow  FB 👈   
 9pm & 11p MONDAYS only EST
MSNBC's most respected PhD journalist

The 11th Hour 
w Stephanie Ruhle  FB 👈
            Summary MSNBC Nightly Newscast
           11pm EST (10p Central) & rebroadcast 1am 

 Morning Joe Scarborough  FB
           Morning show, he's a former US Rep
             Morning Joe cohost and spouse
             Willie Guist FB  cohost

10pm Eastern Weekdays

8pm Eastern Weekdays 

6pm Eastern Weekdays

12 Noon Weekday anchor, Foreign affairs senior reporter

 Katy Tur FB 
   2pm Eastern anchor

  Steve Benen, Maddow producer    FB   
   I Watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC   FB 
   Maddow Station   FB fanpage reader comments 
         Rachel - Lawrence - Joy Reid
    The Last Word FB  Fanpage and reader comments
    CNBC    Jim Cramer 

    Meet the Press w Chuck Todd  FB  

A new impartial news operation

Public Broadcasting

US Public television, objective news and
 programming in your television market on
 several public TV channels and cable
                                     signature news program

A premiere NY journalism school

The Conversation 
Article on protecting yourself from disinformation

CDC - Atlanta   FB 
Center for Disease Control

 FactCheck    FB  👈
Well known media watchdog

Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting

Comprehensive Media fact check site Media Matters   FB 👍
Keeping the right leaning media honest (mostly Fox)

 Mediaite  FB
Mainstream Media critic from the Conservative viewpoint

More propaganda than Media watching
    MRC Newsbusters   FB   \
      Newsbusters has generally stopped media critique 
      to become just another propaganda site.

 Politifact    FB  👈
Truth-o-Meter fact checker,
non-partisan Poytner Institute

Pushing Journalists to do their jobs of reporting truth


Joe Biden
Inaugurated Jan 20, 2021 with VP Kamala Harris;
 he was VP under President Obama 
 and longtime Senator from Delaware
    First Lady of the United States

Former California Atty General, and US Senator

Addicting Info   FB 📷

 Alternet   FB
a good read for progressive news and events

American Progress    FB  

Partisan Liberal Website

ATTN::: FB  
Site for the Young

US Secretary of State

Dem candidate hoping to unseat Rand Paul in 2024

Secretary of Transportation
  Tabloid news run amock

James Carville  

Progressive author, lives in New orleans,
 married to a Conservative pundit  FB  
Want to be a Petition-Signing activist?   Check This site promoting social change! It's controversial!

Daily Beast   FB
Respected site, a good read
Daily Koz FB

DC Report   Anti-Trump investigator

Democratic Memes & Images  FB
Closed page, for sharing memes

Michael Eric Dyson  
Black activist and commentator

Respected activist and pundit

Gawker    FB

HuffPost Politics  no FB 📷 👈
    The Trumpster Fire FB  by HuffPost

  Human Events.  FB 
Conservative paper, old guard, founded 1944 now digital only incl Ann Coulter and others

Substantially anti-Trump
Founder Opn Push, black activist

Bill Maher's blog FB 👈
Fanpage of comedian TV show on HBO

Former Mo Senator, current MSNBC pundit

MeidasTouch   FB
excellent, well produced anti-Trump, Trendy video & content
     a MUST SEE VIDEO   The case against Donald Trump.
   Exposing right wing extremism video and more (Partnered with MeidasTouch)

Mother Jones   FB 
Liberal Magazine and website

MoveOn.ORG   FB
Major, popular well funded left leaning site

A good progressive read

National Assn for the Advancement of Colored People
Longstanding, historic black equality organization
   NAACP Legal Defense Fund

The New Agenda  for Women and Girls FB 
        Amy Siskind, feminist 

Pres Barack Obama  FB 
Former Democratic President

Young, energetic, outspoken NYC Representative gov site

Occupy Democrats FB 👈📷
The original Occupy Democrats, a good read.  This is the real one.

Outside the Beltway   FB

Even handed progressive page

Anti-corporate, top 1 pct wealthy focus


Political Charge     FB
Engaging America's Voters

Political Tribune   FB  

Part of Addicting Info
Seasoned journalists, good read, balanced

Politicus USA    FB
    Popular, influential liberal site, independent journalism

Reputation for financial Responsivility and Truthchecker

Jen Psaki 
Former Biden Press Secy   FB
FB is a Fan page; TW is hers

PushBlack  FB   
Black activist page

The Progressive     FB 👈📷
unabashed progressive

Raw Story     FB
a progressive paper which is a good read.

Real Truth Blog FB 📷

Right Wing Watch
FB page  No website

Ring of Fire Radio  FB with Ed Schultz

 Robert Reich  FB 👈 📷
Essayist, economist
top progressive thinker

Rob Reiner  
Hollywood Producer, activist

Youthful website, entertainment

Sen Bernie Sanders FB
 Independent -VT, former Pres candidate, liberal activist

Sen Chuck Schumer FB
US Senate Democratic Leader;  highly visible politician

Rev Al Sharpton   FB
Black activist, former MSNBC anchor,
Founder, National Action Network

Slate  FB

Non Profit tracking Hate Groups in America

George Takai  FB 

   Star Trek pro-gay political humorist


Trending Liberal
185,000 Twitter followers

TruthOut  FB  

Vice  FB  

What is a Libtard? FB
   "Liberal" IS an honorable word.

Wonkette  FB 📷 
  Snarky & snide progressive

(TYT) is an American liberal and progressive news commentary
 show on YouTube that also appears on selected television channels.

                     Law and justice FB 
Jewish Amer Center for Law and Justice 
Jay Sekulow, Constitutional counsel

Americans for Prosperity 

Many states have their own well funded sitesKoch Brothers funded

Americans for Tax Reform   FB
Koch Brothers funded

Koch Brothers funded

AEI American Enterprise Institute  FB  

American Thinker  

Blasting News
  Robert Sobel rewrites other sites  No FB

The Blaze   FB
  Glenn Beck  FB) 📷👈

Breitbart  FB
👎 📷
  Well connected, leaning Alt Right

Dau of VP Dick Cheney, outspoken critic

Koch Brothers Libertarian views

Heartland Institute 
Individual Liberties Free Markets

CNS News     FB
Political and Religious

Leadership Fund 

Spends many millions on deceptive TV commercials on tight races to keep Senate Republicans in power

Conservative Lady    FB 👎
Phony FB page appeals to far right nutcases

The Conservative News FB 📷👎
Active site but solidly libertarian. Reposts DailyWire frequently

Sen Ted Cruz  R-TX  FB 
    Activist, Trumpster

The Daily Caller FB

Pretty radical and zealous

Daily Signal  FB

 Dailywire  FB 👈   📷
Right-leaning but newsy - a good read
Ben Shapiro Editor 

Dembeciles  Political Cartoons
  Imaginative graphic news page No FB or Twitter

 Drudge Report   FB

Matt Drudge has built a very popular link site covering most
major political stories but his headlines clearly lean right.
His is a must read link

The Epoch Times    FB

Wide ranging International paper
with a Chinese and right leaning interest

eHeadlines   FB 📷
  totally partisan reporting

Faith based

Conservative Legal Think Tank
recommending US judges

The Federalist Papers   FB
Established website

Gateway Pundit  FB  👎📷
Racist blog of fake news
  Trumpster activist Us Rep Georgia

Large organization, like NRA

Well read, libertarian Koch Brothers

The Hoover Institution  FB  

Hot Air   FB

Ed Morrissey, Jazz Shaw, John Sexton

Hugh Hewitt  FB   👈
MSNBC & Conservative radio host

  Human Events.     FB 
Conservative paper, old guard, founded 1944 now digital only incl Ann Coulter and others

   Conservative painter - artist

Judicial Watch   FB
JW files lawsuits primarily targeted Democrats. 
They also described climate science as "fraud science"

Bill Kristol   FB  
Leading conservative, supporter of Democracy, editor-at-large of The Bulwark
He was a founder of The Weekly Standard, and is a regular guest on
leading political commentary shows, including MSNBC

 Conservative Website founded by Bill Kristol, anti-Trump, a great read

Now on Fox, this outspoken pro Trump talk show host has been removed from Facebook.

R House Leader

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)  FB 
US Senate Republican Majority Leader until Jan 20, 2021;  Seen as the leading Republican obstructionist, he won Nov3rd reelection in Kentucky and then became but may likely become Minority leader since two Georgia Senate democrats won election on Jan 12, 2021.

Stephen Miller
Trump Counselor.  SPLC says :  Stephen Miller is credited with shaping the racist and draconian immigration policies of President Trump, which include the zero-tolerance policy, also known as family separation, the Muslim ban and ending the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.
    Brent Bozell  No FB
       Head, Media Research Center

National Review   FB 👈
   Conservative essay magazine--a good read


National Rifle Association - Gun lobby

NewsMax    FB 📷
Major competition to fox TV
                           NewsMax Politics   
Another good Read
Right leaning think site

Sarah Palin  FB 👎  No website
Unsuccessful Republican VP candidate 2008

Ron Paul Institute    FB
For Peace and Prosperity 

 Politico   FB   👈
well read and connected, right leaning, breaks news

Qpolitical web news

Rasmussen     FB

A mostly right leaning pollster often quoted by Fox

State Policy Network

Reason   FB

  Free Minds and Free Markets, Libertarian views
Anti government think group and news

Radio Network -Trump Supporter  YouTube  
Subscriber site    FB page removed See Story

Rush Limbaugh    FB 👈

  Father of Conservative Talk Radio, died in 2021

Karl Rove    FB

Ex Clinton, then Bush adviser, frequent Fox guest and pundit.

2nd Amendm't Defenders  FB
  Gun lobby

Tea Party Express No FB
  (A profit site)

Tea Party Patriots  FB
For profit site

Town Hall   FB
  Divisive and one-sided

 Former President

Donald Trump's been banned from FB and Twitter for content in violation of their Community standards.  He has founded his own media outlet.   Here's what Wikipedia says about his venture, which is likely written by those associated with Trump's new venture to stay relevant in American political life.

Real Donald Trump   FB
Donald Trump Jr   FB 

Trump Sr was defeated by Joe Biden on Nov 3rd 2020 and did not receive enough votes in the Electoral College.   Without evidence, he claims victory and that the election was a fraud.

    National Conservative business voice to Congress; Chambers are in most cities
No twitter

Government & Public Integrity
   Think magazine; a good read

an American neoconservative writer. A frequent commentator on
several networks, he was the founder and editor-at-large of the
political magazine The Weekly Standard.

          The namesake and founding site publication
           Well read, major political sight for righ win g    

Major right wing Facebook & radio partner group.
Founded 2014 after morphing from Western Journalism. 
Many readers under the following sites, some of which 
are owned by Liftable.

     (Click to reveal these propagandists).
       Liftable's major propaganda subscribers:

          The Tea Party  FB👈👎
          USA* Radio  (Trending Today Net)
          Liftable   FB 
              Heart warming news stories, skews older ages
             Mostly appealing to Republican interests
           3 Pct Nation

WND    FB 📷
 World Net Daily very conservative

Young Cons   FB 👎

Wikipedia Simple English

   123,000 articles for foreign readers

Government of the US 

BestLINKS:   Links to federal agencies 
including Armed Services, the Constitution, Courts
Congress and many others.  This is a good link page.

US News Sources  
    BestLINKS:  dozens of TV, Magazines, major newspapers

 BestLINKS: dozens of TV, major newspapers around the world

Military industrial complex news

Inside the Media

A look at TV and cable news from the inside and for insiders

TV Week 

The View   FB

E! News  FB

Pres Order of Succession
  In the event of impeachment or presidential
   resignation, here's who would be next, in order.

Foreign and Domestic
Qanon Parler and others
There are some far right and left sites on the internet; some have gained popularity among extremists organizations, Like Proud Boys and others who support Former President Trump; some are linked to the Jan 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol. Some are banned by social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.   Click the "Extremism" link to see a few of them and commentary about extremism on the internet.   This page will not be linking to racial supremacists sites or those overtly advocating sedition against the United States.

Glenn Beck  FB
Arch conservative personality operates The Blaze website and other endeavors,
 also no stranger to conspiracies and phony reporting

Hardcore pro-Trump TV startup, known for promoting
falsehoods and conspiracies.Funded by AT&T execs - Wikipedia.

Qanon FB
a far-right conspiracy theory and movement centered on false claims made by an anonymous individual or individuals, known by the name "Q", has been described as a cult with roots in antisemitism and Nazism. - Wikipedia

Donald Trump's been banned from FB and Twitter for content in violation of their Community standards.  He has founded his own media outlet.   Here's what Wikipedia says about his venture, which is likely written by those associated with Trump's new venture to stay relevant in American political life.

Claimed as a Twitter alternative, it has a significant user base of Donald Trump supporters, conservatives, conspiracy theorists, and far-right extremists. Posts on the service often contain far-right content, antisemitism, and conspiracy theories such as QAnon. --Wikipedia

Alex Jones Infowars  FB
An American far-right radio show host and highly prominent conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which the Genesis Communications Network syndicates across the United States and online. Jones' website, InfoWars, promotes conspiracy theories and fake news --Wikipedia

Wokism.      The right's worst enemy; Wokism ls a liberal, politically correct, all inclusive movement mostly pushing diversity that's hijacking universities, even corporations.

Trump Media Manipulation
Note MSNBC, CNN and FOX "All Politics/Virus...All the Time" networks aired President Trump's daily electioneering 'virus newsconference.' He is a master at manipulating the media--omnipresent, fidgeting, moving around, nodding, distracting.

Understandable that FOX (TrumpTV) carries them beginning to end, but why didn't the other two just carry the virus/physician advice instead of Trump's long, rambling, bragging for two hours like Putin and Kim Jung Un do many days? MSNBC and CNN gave him millions of dollars in free airtime during the 2016 election as well. That was THEN. Trump, who refuses losing the election, not calls himself "45th President Donald Trump," not "FORMER President Donald Trump."

Since January 6th, Trump's favorite method of communication became his Twitter account and then Facebook. Both social media sites suspended his accounts for inciting the riot that cost six deaths.

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