Major International News links - British, Russian, Chinese, European

Major News sites from nations around the world. Some are censored and partisan, others not. (FB means Facebook)

CNN International  
Click for World TOP STORIES

CNN International  

Fareed Zakaria GPS   
His Sunday morning CNN show is excellent!

Radio Free Europe   

Worldwide Virus Pandemic

News about the worldwide Corona Virus is everywhere and from reputable sources, is as good as it gets.   It's fast moving and changing every day.   To stay informed, follow the traditional news media worldwide, found on this BestLINKS page, including national newspapers like the NY Times, Washington Post and others as well as TV news channels like MSNBC and CNN.

Respected editorial policy

The Daily Mirror    

The Economist 

    Daily Telegraph   
London Conservative paper

 Daily Mail  
The British version of America's Natnl Equirer with a right lean

   Financial Times   FB  

 Guardian FB

 The First Post
"The Week " -- balanced British reporting, briefs

The Independent   FB

SKY News   FB  
British and Australian outlet, formerly owned by Fox's Rupert Murdoch, now by Comcast; very competitive

the Sun     

The Times

News com Australia

European News



 The Big Project - 

Smaller European nations

German News


Denmark German News

Russian Press
Russian media VERY gently criticize their government.

 The Moscow Times   FB 

Slightly more liberal than we'd expect.

  PravdaReport    FB

Pro Russian govt coverage

Russian Insider

Russian Media list - by Wikipedia

  Russia Today - RT    FB  
Pro-Kremlin Pop TV, many US commenters

  Russian Gazette
Liberal but careful blog!

  Sputnik  FB  Russian Govt owned
Russia Beyond
the Headlines   
7 Pop Bands to Know

FB Russian pop music

Hispanic Press

Latino Voices

Telemundo - YouTube -
Spanish speaking but English written translation

Arab Press

  AlJazeera  World News    FB 

US and World news from the Arab viewpoint
Arab News

  l Arabiya News

Iran's PressTV 
No FB.
The world from Iran's point of view.
Propaganda or not? Well...
Israeli Press

Well, pro Israeli, for sure.

Liberal, oldest paper

+972 Magazine

  The Times of Israel

   Israel National News

Japanese Press

  Japan PublicTV

  Japan Times

India Press

Press Trust of India
New Delhi TV

Chinese Press
Press is not FREE in China by US standards

XinuaNet IntnlChina

  People's Daily  
(Government owned English version)

  CCTV English

  Nikkei Asian Review

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Government of the US

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