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The former President in Ohio was reminiscent of his speech before January 6ths attempted coup at the US capitol- a subtle way of calling his followers to arms when he said to his armed Proud Boys, "Stand Down But Stand BY."

Weather and Radar
More Links.  US and Worldwide, interactive, animated radar
Links to Major environmental groups

US Mainstream News
More links.  Major TV, web, and newspapers
 Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Mideast pages

Political Opinion

Read More Links to >500 best political web, Twitter and Facebook sites sorted by Non-Partisan, TV, progressive and conservative.

Mostly non-partisan news analysis

National News TV and Cable networks
  Democrats, liberal issues, democracy

 Conservative Links

Trump, Republicans, right leaning opinion sites

 Extreme Links      Fact-Checking

                Alternative, radical American thinking        Journalism Truthcheckers

- 100 Links.  Complete political and economic definitions
  like Socialism, Capitalism, Communism
 and many more from

US Government

Many Links.  (Military, Trump-tweets, Congress, Courts, Agencies,
Natnl Archives, Homeland, social services. 

Justice & Police

 Police abuse, when not to call police on your kids; legal search rules and filming, including The Talk.  And below, specific links and articles related to policing:

Links about police abuse and civil rights protections 

Citizen guide when being approached by police

 Your Constitutional Rights

Performing Arts

Many Links. YouTube/VEVO music from 1950s to today-- pop, classical, country, films, The Voice/Got Talent.   Boomers will LOVE THIS collection!   But maybe not hearing again the protest music here about Vietnam.

(Many Links.  Radio, Internet, Concerts)

(Many Links.  TV, movies, Broadway Theater, Celebrity)

 Many links in the arts and entertainment, including some classic YouTube videos

Getting Help &Advice

This topic helps you live a more stress-free, drama-free life! Help with marriages, parenting, addictions, mental stress.  And below, more links of special needs:

A test and many Links to get the monkey off your back including cravings medication.

Many Links about disorders and getting help

Many Links about getting along

Many Links about Babies, tweens, teens, Autism and Special Needs, Spanking & Bullying.  If you need a parents' handbook, these links are for you.

Learning Links

Many links for the intellectually curious.  Big Surprises!

Buying, Selling Fixing, Repairs

   The Best Links on medical conditions, advice, treatments, industry

 Many links explaining public, private, college and vocational training.

  Job preparation, research, education

Online business and economic links.


Oh Jeez!
Sensible sites and not so much' heartwarming, reformist
Newsweek:   Why Trump's so Dangerous!


America's Many Faces
More site links to cultures and lifestyles, Woke-ism,  genders, Minorities, dating and Respect, style, poverty, hipness, Extremism, religion, Genealogy and Ancestry


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Photo Galleries 
30,000 creative photos sorted by topics, harvested from the 'nets. COPYRIGHT rules. Plus these:

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Progressive pages for your feedback on issues.
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