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Weather and Radar
US and Worldwide, interactive, animated radar
Environmental issues

BestLINKS Mainstream Media
US News
Major TV, web, and newspapers
Foreign News
Major overseas TV and newspapers

Political Opinion

Links to >400 of the best political web, Twitter and Facebook sites sorted alphabetically by Non-Partisan, progressive, and conservative (including Trump's Tweet page.)  Bookmark this page for reference.   A popular page!

Truth-watching internet Facts vs Opinions, "Fake News" and propaganda

US Government

(Military, Trump-tweets, Congress, Courts, Agencies,
Natnl Archives, Homeland, live inflight airliners, more)
Free Online Interactive Maps

Virus Links
News about the worldwide Corona Virus is everywhere so get it from REPUTABLE SOURCES, not the anti-Vaxers or Trumpsters.  Maxk up wile it's spreading like it is, especially as we move indoors for winter.  

Certainly get your shots, and your kids shots as soon as they can.  Here are the reputable sources:

CDC - Atlanta           World Health Organization
Center for Disease Control

Justice & Police
Police abuse, when not to call police on your kids; legal search rules and filming.  And below, specific links and articles related to policing:

The Performing Arts

Lots of fun sites in the arts and entertainment, including some classic YouTube videos
Links YouTube and VEVO  Best Boomer music in pop videos 1950s to today, pop, classic, country, films, The Voice and America's Got Talent  -- just a sampling you'll enjoy.   And more links below:

Need Help?
This topic helps you live a more stress-free, drama-free life!
Help with marriages, parenting, addictions, mental stress.  And below, more links of special needs:

Raising 'em right instead of fixing them after they're broken!    Babyhood, milestones, positive methods, autism and other special needs; teenagery, loving, shame and spanking, schooling

BestLINKS US Cultures

America's Many Faces
More site links to cultures and lifestyles,
 genders, minorities, dating, style, poverty,

  hipness, extremism, religion, ancestry

Oh Jeez!
Sensible sites and not so much ones, heartwarming, reformist

Photo Galleries
30,000 creative photos harvested from the 'nets
 -- including animals, politics, memes, 
police, places, ships and space, planes and people.
  Sorted by topic albums.  

 Plus these:

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