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Here are links on home buying, selling, maintaining what is usually our most expensive investment--our house is a lifelong chore.   Here are some web pages to help  you buy and sell, and protect your home.

Home Buying

Zillow Real Estate, homes, apartments

House Buying Tips
The Simple Dollar

Homebuying Secrets

General Ideas

Better Homes & Gardens 

Better Homes - apartments

  Ideas to steal for your apartment

HGTV Shows Online FB

Kevin's Tips
Skip Roundup; spray vinegar on weedy walkways

House and Home

How Stuff Works  Home and Garden
pscale Decorating

Kiplinger Household Budget


37 Brilliant Household Tricks 
   (many for painting, measuring)

WikiHow  Make a household budget

INSIDE the House

Fixing up your Bedroom
We spend a lot of time there so splurge a little

How to Buy Furniture

Mail Order for the House

OUTSIDE the House

LAWN GURU Toby Tobin

Tip of the Week
Tobin broadcasts on Kansas City's KMBZ radio

Weed Killers

Fixing Things

Bob Vila Home Improvement.

50 things you should know how to fix (Vila's the "Martha Stewart" of home owning advice)

Ron Hazelton