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   ABC This Week  

AXIOS  FB     
Online, founded 2017 by Politico, graphic oriented
  Health Care     Business     Science
    Tech  Politics

Generates many exclusive reports

Objective reputation

Bloomberg News  FB
  Finance and General News 

   CBS 60 Minutes  
   CBS Face the Nation

Center for Disease Control

Christian Science 
Monitor  FB 

Objective reputation

CNN News   FB
 Anderson Cooper FB

    Financial Times   FB 
      British financial newspaper

  Fox News  FB 

One sided news for Conservative viewers

Liberal, comprehensive

Lithuanian News

Bridges Lithuanian Magazine
Draugas - Facebook version
English Lithuanian newspaper in Chicago

     The 11th Hour w Stephanie Ruhle  FB 
            Summary MSNBC Nightly Newscast
           11pm EST (10p Central) & rebroadcast 1am 

NBC News    FB

Mainstream Strong Journalism
Targeting African Americans

Conservative TV's newest offering going head to head with Fox.

  One of the last mainstream news magazines

Pluribus News  FB  
STATES Politics

US Public television, objective news and
programming in your television market on
several public TV channels and cable
Reuters   FB  
International Coverage

Stars & Stripes  FB
ePaper for US military personnel

Time Magazine  FB
  Classic Mainstream journalism

Straight news but comments allowed

  Mainstream journalism, DC paper
  WaPo Politics  FB
  WaPo Opinion   FB

Washington Times  FB
Conservative journalism, right leaning

   Strong Journalism, Owned by Dow and News Corp

The Week 
Online magazine

  Balanced, graphic oriented short story news

UPI United Press Int'l  
Wire service

USA Today  FB 
Newsstand daily headlines paper

Voice of America  

 US govt broadcast to oppressed nations

Yahoo! US   FB
  Reuters, AP, Foreign military, mainstream

Dozens of major papers and foreign media links worldwide
 US Political Opinion 

Dozens of papers, TV, FB, and web links sorted alphabetically
 by non-partisan, then progressive, and conservative

Mostly non-partisan news analysis

National News TV and Cable networks

  Democrats, liberal issues, democracy

 Conservative Links

Trump, Republicans, right leaning opinion sites

 Extreme Links      Fact-Checking

       Alternative, radical American thinking        Journalism Truthcheckers

- 100 Links.  Complete political and economic definitions
  like Socialism, Capitalism, Communism
 and many more from

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