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Parent Tip: It's better to raise them RIGHT the first time, rather than fix them after they're BROKEN!

Children don't come with operating manuals, so parents depend on others to help them with these first-time issues. Their own parents can be helpful, or if not, they can help you learn what NOT to do.  At various stages of your childrens' development, it's good to read articles on childhood health, development milestones, discipline, and lots of issues you don't yet know are issues! This page links to many topics. It's a good page to 'bookmark' in your browser.

Parents Magazine  FB 
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The popular pediatrician's waiting room magazine for a serious job that comes with no instruction manual!

Very Well - Family
Interesting articles on parenting and children including health, relationships, pregnancy, and much more

Huffington Post Parenting
Interesting articles on parenting and children including health, relationships, pregnancy, and much more

Finish Your Diploma dot Org
Enter your ZIPCODE to find sources where you live to finish your high school diploma no matter your age!

For kids Who Don't Have a Dad
A YouTube channel that teaches the advice of a dad targeted to kids who don't have one.   Short daily messages that have become popular from a giving man whose dad abandoned him when he was 14.  It's both touching and informative!

Smart Phones vs Smart KIDs

The Play Outside Generations vs the phone Generations
a Videocast suggesting we quit using kids iPads to keep them quiet at home and schools to quit letting kids bring them to school where they're constantly distracted from classwork to check their messages every 5 minutes.

The Languages of Love

People don't express LOVE in the same ways.    Some of us are "touchy people."  Others aren't but they show their love by being loving helpers, or give of their time, or give gifts.

Appreciate love from any of the five "Love Languages."

  • Words of Affirmation 
  • Acts of Service 
  • Receiving Gifts 
  • Quality Time 
  • Physical Touch 
  • Author's websites:

First, NEVER shake your baby out of frustration or momentary panic because shaking can cause severe brain damage!

Learn the milestones when children should begin eating solid foods, potty train, learning words and sentences.   Watch for the changes expected as your child grows.   Watch for delayed learning, signs of trouble or out-of-the-ordinary behavior as your child grows.  Use articles to help you.  And write signs down to discuss with your pediatrician.

CDC's list of Development Milestones to Watch in Kids

Click here for a page about symptoms, diagnosis, activities, ipad, schooling for your child, and many links related to

Hyper Kids become Hyper Adults

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder-- a condition with symptoms such as inattentiveness, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Both children and adults can have ADHD but the symptoms always begin in childhood. Adults with it may have trouble managing time, being organized and holding down a job. ADHD is treatable, but some say it's also over-diagnosed and too many children are on medication. Click here for an introduction from WebMD.

College Bound Help for students with anxiety, depression or mental health disorders including eating disorders, Autism Spectrum, Bipolar, Substance issues and more.


About 5 percent of children and adolescents suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

When we think of post-traumatic stress disorder, we usually think of soldiers who have come back from war. But PTSD can occur in anyone including young people who have been exposed to Traumatic events such as car accidents, violence--at home or in a public place--or savage weather.    Click here to learn about PTSD in children and teens.

Children can develop healthy antibodies to protect them from allergies if you let them play normally.
Studies show letting your toddler try peanut butter reduces the chance of a peanut allergy!  (Abt 5 pct of kids Do have a peanut allergy but if you avoid peanuts when they're young, that jumps to 15percent!

Getting your picky kids to EAT (anything!)

VIDEO:  Getting kids to eat HEALTHY
Eat together as a family, keep stress low, no threatening one more bite!

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General info, directory, condition descriptions, like depression, Alzheimer's, explaining death to kids, personalities, anxiety, many more

Getting HELP Topics Pick your city to find:
* Couples, womens, mens, transitions
 Young independence, OCD, Aspergers, 
Social Anxiety, Kids Play Therapy, 
DBT skills, more

Advice for Special Education Parents
What to do if your child has a handicap; advocate with schools for your child without being obnoxious if  you hope to help.

Many health topics from babies to teens
 from the Amer Academy of Family Physicians  
Ask questions by topic area and get professional answers from one or more specialists in fields like Psychology, Journalism, Economics, History, Science, Parenting, Tech, Education, Personal Issues, politics, Government, international events, and more.   If you have expertise, you may join and answer questions; the better your answers, the more questions you'll be asked!

YouTube Video: Cyberbullying
A leading cause of child suicide is when a child chooses to hurt themselves because they're being rejected or made fun of at school, or otherwise don't see a way out of their problems or situations.  Parents are often the last to know yet the first ones who need to intervene IMMEDIATELY if the subject ever comes up in conversation.

Are You a Harsh Parent?
  • Do your kids need 'whoopins' like you got? 
  • Does his teacher complain about your kid's behavior against others?  
  • Do your kids have to lie to you to protect each other from your harsh punishment? 
  • Is your kid a BULLY or miserable from one?
  • Is your kid's bully another child, a sibling, or a parent? 
  • Does your kid hang with drinkers or dopers? 
  • Do you shame or embarrass them in front of their friends? 
  • Are your "corrections/punishments" just or harsh? 
  • Do they fear you or your significant other? 

MUST SEE:  6 Explosive videos!

Your toddler's name is not "NO!" and you shouldn't be running a Concentration Camp for kids!

 "Toxic Shame"
The late John Bradshaw's 1-hour lectures
on family secrets, ruining your children, 
or surviving your toxic parents!

Grab your spouse or other loved one to watch these enlightening videos on raising kids right. 

Or click each of the 6 parts
Part 1   Part 2    Part 3  
Part 4   Part 5    Part 6

Toxic Shame:  
Healing the Shame that Binds YOU
It's a BOOK too by John Bradshaw.  Worth your read.
 And also an AudioBook you can buy for $20
 (11 hour narration.)

Dysfunctional Family Roles

Which kid were you in the family? The responsible "Family Hero?"
The "Scapegoat?" The make-peace "Caretaker"? The invisible "Lost Child?" or the "Family Mascot?"   Some kids with few brothers and sisters play several roles.

  Click here to learn about your family pecking order! f-- -    --an article by noted psychologist Robert Berney.

To Spank or NOT to Spank

Spanking leads to violence

What is child abuse?

Evidence favoring Spanking

20 years of Research

Being a Good Parent with a Troubled Kid

all sorts of things for moms

Bring back Home Ec Classes

Some people think public schools should bring BASIC LIFE SKILLS back to middle and high schoolers.  Topics might be much more than cooking and sewing traditionally offered only to girls.  Examples all of us need include: healthy eating and meal prep, laundry, shopping, house cleaning, light repairs, choosing contactors, car buying and light repairs, home budgeting, banking, first aid, eldercare, parenting, medical skills, even getting along with each other. What happened to drivers ed?  And critical thinking skills to learn fact vs opinion in the media.  These are topics that should be integrated throughout students' years. 

Crash Course Series  FB
You Tube videos on various topics
Courses especially for young people

Nearly 20 pct of teens 
have Head Issues.

Beehive Connection:

Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse Help


Sex and abuse
Teens and College Students

An anti Rape campaign
<== Click left for the video

Online Safety tips for people with ASD 
 While these tips were written for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder,  they are helpful for anyone interested in internet safety.

Young black kids get the talk from parents about the police.

Know also that parents are kids' only defense against the heavy and punishing hand of the government.   

If your kid's in legal trouble, YOU are the only one who can protect 'em with legal advice and pay to keep them out of a life of trouble.  Lawyers are expensive and free court appointed lawyers might help but not very much, if at all.  The answer is to approach mental health services, not law enforcement!

Best advice: Don't sick the government on your kids because most of their solutions are surrounded by metal bars and there's not much help inside em!  The government doesn't have a good record helping kids and once you involve 'protective services' or police, you have NO control what will happen.

 Major schools - from LifeWire magazine

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Site for kids

BestLinks Galleries
Fabulous photos of new parents, families,
 and kids from our picture collections. 

An uplifting page
The Song of the Child

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