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There was a time when misbehaving children were thought to be  just undisciplined brats and needed a trip behind the woodshed.

More recently, mental health and parenting professionals see there are real disorders that have nothing to do with being spoiled.  Below, we'll introduce some links to these conditions - to include autism and attention deficit disorder (ADHD) and post-traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD).
BestLINKS US: Major links diagnosing autism, Aspergers, tantrums and meltdowns in children

1 in 68 children with autism

Autism--an alarming epidemic affecting millions of children who become adults living with autism as well.

  Statistics, CDC, autism found in minorities

Stemming actions. There are signs even at age 3. Delayed speech is one. Social inabilities getting along with others. Fidgeting. Sudden upsetting behavior that won't stop. Sensitivity to light or sounds or crowds. Some don't pay attention, like when they don't answer when you call out their names.

Video: Signs to suspect autism in your preschooler.

  Some teens and grownups with autism hide their symptoms.

Online Safety tips for people with ASD 
 While these tips were written for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder,
 they are helpful for anyone interested in internet safety.

Also on the Autism Spectrum:  
Asperger's Syndrome
Asperger's appears when children or teens have social issues and yet are very bright or artistic. They just struggle getting along en cover it up!.
Video:    Is it Asberger's?
Video:  Teen social issues Asbergers Harry Potter's Hermione" is an Aspie!

The Autistic Spectrum is wide; not all have the same symptoms.
Music Video:  Kaylee Rodgers singing Hallelujuh-- a video that's gone viral.

Autism Relaxation

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