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These are links for people who need a hand figuring things out -- getting crisis help, getting mental health advice, dealing with stress, abusive relationships, keeping good relationships with partners and children.   All of it is to help you have peace and quiet in your head, and your house!

Fixing Marriage
      A BestLinks US page on getting along with a partner

First things first...
Suicide: it's a lousy idea.

Suicide is a bad-- but sad-- decision for too many Americans - people seeing no way out after losing a jobs, relationships, parental respect, legal troubles, bullying, even gender identities.  Talk about your feelings and better ways to solve your problems at a friendly Suicide Prevention phone line:

1- 800-SUICIDE 
1-800-799-SAFE (1-800-799-7233)
1-888-END-ABUSE (1-800-363-2287)

A peer-run listening line staffed by people in recovery themselves.

and then scroll down to see a directory of known warmlines around the US.
Missouri Warmline 800 374-2138 9a-7pm

An uplifting page
The Song of the Child
Click here

Let's now get to specifics...

Is there something Wrong with You?

Lots of people worry excessively when they have problems coping with life...or wondering iff they're really a serious mental case. 

 Some worry might lead a reasonable person to look into it---yet not get too preoccupied with self-diagnosis-- for that too can cause too much worry.   You or those close to you may have no  real issues, or just a few, or some problems that need some professional help to solve.   Lets take a quick look for starters.

 Psych Central  Here, topics include autism, anxiety, addictions, ADHD, BiPolar conditions, PTSD, sex and relationship issues, schizophrenia, sleep and personality disorders and also conditions needing professional attention.  Browse through this pop site if you or someone you know might need some help:

Psychological Quizzes 
ADHD, mood disorders, autism, PTSD, loneliness, sexual anxiety, bipolar disorder screening, personality tests, Facebook addiction, substance addiction, stress test, and more.

Are you just down or depressed? 

Alzheimer's, Dementia (and links to Alcoholism)

PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
When we think of post-traumatic stress disorder, we usually think of soldiers who have come back from war.  But PTSD can occur in anyone including young people who have been exposed to Traumatic events such as car accidents, violence--at home or in a public place--or savage weather.   Click here for more on PTSD from WebMD.

Trauma and Disaster Help
Bad Storms, Terrorism, Major Accidents, Disasters

Connecting with Others
--Getting helpful support
--Giving helpful support

Are you Emotional or Logical?
DBT:  Living Mindfully!

Millions practice "Dialectic Behavior Therapy" (DBT) to think and get along better.
Learn here about finding a BALANCE between thinking and deciding things based on emotions or logic.    DBT uses very popular calming methods to regain control of yourself with soothing mental exercises recommended by many professionals.  Learn to CHILL.   Control your wilder thoughts.

Click HERE to gain a WISER MIND by finding balance between being  Emotionally or Logically driven!

Conversation Starters.   
Watch this Video:  
4 Ways to Make Small Talk

Likability is a Skill Set to Learn

Do you need to chill out?
Managing Your Stress & Anxiety

Do you feel a great deal of stress and anxiety?   It can happen to all of us once in awhile but it's not normal if it overtakes you so you often can't sleep, can't think, can't chill out!  There are ways YOU can do to lessen its effects if you feel it's out of control.  Here are some:

Click here to reduce your stress and anxiety.

The long Vegus nerve in your body is said to affect stress and anxiety.   The Vegus (pronounced "VAY-gus, like Las Vegas) " is known to reduce stress when stimulated.  It CHILLS YOU OUT --literally cools you down when you're just too uptight.   You can take steps to stimulate it into soothing you.  Take a cold shower, go outside where it's cool for a little while.  And more.   Read more on this from Psychology Spot.

The Vegus nerve, when activated, shuts down anxiety levels and calms people. Psychologists hope you'll develop Vegul tone in your life using several methods.

1. Cold therapy to 'chill' oneself. Use ice packs to stop panic attacks. Shower in cool water for a minute to literally chill out your body.  Or even go outside in the cold to shut down anxiety.

2. Vibration of the vocal cords are found to stimulate the nerve -- best done by humming, chanting or singing in lower tones. Meditation or lullabies are in the lower sound range and when you feel anxiety and stress, you'll find it helpful to sing or hum to yourself to help you relax.

STRESS MANAGEMENT EXAMPLE:  Could it be that kidnapped black slaves learned how to use the Vegus nerve to calm their fears during their weeks on 1700s sailing ships?

College Bound Help for students with anxiety, depression or mental health disorders including eating disorders, Autism Spectrum, Bipolar, Substance issues and more. 

Getting Calm 

15 Things Mentally Strong People do

The BLACK KEYS Rev Wintley Phipps
The 7- note Slave Scale of most negro spirituals.  Listen, feel it, and be "Amazed!"

Discussions & Opinions  
Ask questions by topic area and get professional answers from one or more specialists in fields like Psychology, Journalism, Economics, History, Science, Parenting, Tech, Education, Personal Issues, politics, Government, international events, and more.   If you have expertise, you may join and answer questions; the better your answers, the more questions you'll be asked!

Click this for many tips to bring growth to your relationship. Learn how to rebuild strained or broken relationships. And forgiveness. Great reads to keep your relationship solid.

When to seek counseling 
Click here for advice from Phoenix Mens Counseling.

AbsolutesDo you often say "You Always,"  "You Never,"
or "Everyone"?   Maybe you should change that. Click here.

Other Mental Health websites
Here are links to various other nationally recognized mental health resources. They feature articles, ideas, treatments and discussion for regular folks and also the counselors who help them. You may want to browse some and if you like a few pages, click the small star on your browser to 'save' those links to return to them later.

Narcissistic Control over others
A you a controlling person of everyone around you, or do you live or work with someone like that?  Narcissism is very common--nearly 1 in 5 or 6 people show some signs of it and some who have a serious case can be impossible to be around.  President Trump is one.   Read this letter from a woman to her father to learn how to deal with them!

Video:  Danger! Danger!

Donald Trump is the Poster President for a harmful narcissist. But some 10-15 percent of people are narcissistic. Hard to live with, hard to date, hard to work for, hard to deal with. Hard to get away from. What's a narcissist and why are they hard to deal with?

Are they (or you) wound up too tight or a real malignant narcissist?  Here's a test for yourself.

Dealing with Narcissists at home or work

Mental Health Conditions
Living with a Condition
LGBTQ Finding Support
Law Enforcement
Family Members and Caregivers
Teens and Young Adults
Veterans and Active Duty
AfroAmericans and Latinos
Learning and Presentations

The Coffee table Pop Psychology Magazine

General info, directory, condition descriptions, like depression, Alzheimer's, explaining death to kids, personalities, anxiety, many more.

  Lots of topics - alphabetized
  Definition of Narcissism 
20% of have Trump's illness
Find a Therapist (pick your city)
  Find a Psychiatrist  (pick your city)
  Find a Treatment Center (by city)
  Find a Support Group (Pick a city)     Couples, womens, mens, transitions, youth independence, OCD, Aspergers, social anxiety, kid's play therapy, DBT skills, more.
Video:  Signs of Co-dependence  
And some solutions

Talk to Your Kids 
 They Listen!

SAMHSA Substance Abuse & Mental Health Admin, 
-a service of the US Dept of Health and Human Services

About Parenting...

Most of us agree that when it comes to raising kids, it's better to raise 'em right the first time than try to fix them later.

Click HERE to learn more about raising kids the right way or wrong way.

More here about parenting, kid roles in dysfunctional families, autism, milestones, child health, spanking, abuse.

Video: Dangers of childhood trauma

Autism in Kids - Catch it EARLY

Doctors say the sooner you catch your toddler showing autistic signs, get them evaluated because the sooner they get into treatment, the better it will go for them.
Look first for kids who should be saying single words by age two, who show frequent tantrums/meltdowns, who are very sensitive to loud noises, and who fidget.

One in 40-68 kids has Autism!  

There are early signs when you should have your child evaluated quickly--delays in talking, anti social behavior.  Fidgeting and more.  Read about it and PTSD, ADHD, ADD, and more.

Adults have Autism too.  

Some people cover up systems, others struggle-- but it's not a 'childhood' mental condition.
8 things Autistic women want you to know - video

Online Safety tips for People on the Autism Spectrum
 While these tips were written for individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), they are helpful for anyone interested in internet safety. 


Bright, but not so social?
Teen social issues: Asbergers  
Teens with Asberger's Syndrome on the autism spectrum have social problems greater than regular teens; they are also very bright. Most are boys, but not ALL! Harry Potter's "Hermione" is an Aspie!

Autism Relaxation. Click it:
Soothing Audio Visual stream

Angry people
TOXIC Parents

Toxic relationships include relationships with toxic parents. Typically, they do not treat their children with respect as individuals. They won’t compromise, take responsibility for their behavior, or apologize. Often these parents have a mental disorder or have a serious addiction. We all live with the consequences of poor parenting.   CLICK HERE. 

 Alcohol and Drug problems
Addictions can destroy families and kids, leaving scars on spouses, children and even grandchildren.  You must critically fix them, not just for yourself but for them.   Click for great ideas.

 Time to have a frank talk about sex, and sexual diseases.

Sexuality, pregnancy, and STD's. What STDs are, how many millions have them, what are symptoms, how to prevent, test for them, and cure the ones that can be cured.


1 in    FB  
1 in 6 men have been sexually abused. And they can get past it.

About ending Sexual Abuse

Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs

This is a bit academic in nature for Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) was an American psychologist, an academic. But it helps us understand what we humans in society seek to think. Beginning at the bottom of his heirarchy list of basic needs of food, shelter and safety.

And once fulfilled, mankind seeks to better himself. Maslow's writings, nearly a hundred years ago, now are still studied by the psychiatric community.
Want to know more?  Click here.

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