Drink and Drugs

Are you addicted?  Well Maybe.  Maybe NOT

Not everyone sent to a treatment program is actually addicted. Some are arrested for just one bad judgment-- like driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DWI or  DUI).   But even a first-time offense has become a zero-tolerance crime that often gets you a trip to jail, a stiff fine, license suspension, and expensive "treatment' under a judge's diversion-- to keep you from a term in jail.

Drunk Driving Kills Thousands in the US

That's why police and states slam you hard if you get caught DUI!

Not every driver and friends make it home after drunk driving-- so it could be way worse than an arrest, suspended license and costing you easily several thousand dollars.

Click HERE 
to see a shocking short video and the bad news about what happens to people driving drunk.

Marijuana in America

Rotten Tomatoes presents a discussion and links about marijuana and the cultural aspects. Trailers and video called "Cultural High."
This documentary tends to advocate for legalization and libertarianism about weed.   It doesn't talk about problems with smoking dope... which for most people wastes lots of  time you could do better things --like working, studying, taking care of your place, or family, or just getting ahead in life.
What's an Addiction?

It's the practice of excessive using, even though it's against one's better judgment! Several of these are signs show you are in trouble with an addiction:
  • Do you drink or use almost everyday?
  • Do you hide your bottles or stash from loved ones?
  • Do you always drink MORE than ONE because you can't stop?
  • Do you drink socially and often get tipsy?
  • Do you often drink alone and then just go to bed?
  • Can you get through a day without getting high or drunk?
  • Does your use upset your loved ones, or do you miss work/school?
  • Do you black out, and forget what you did when you drink? 
  • Do you drink and drive regularly?
Those are signs that your use has probably got you, and you're powerless to stop it. Time to get help, don't ya think?

    How Addictions Work

    This 70-min documentary called "Pleasure Unwoven" by Institute for Addiction Studies.  (Documentary DVD purchase available here)

    Is it a disease or chosen behavior?  The video details most modern alcoholic research.

    This video is good for  addicted peeps AND those who LOVE them!   
    See the free U-Tube video:CLICK HERE

    How Recovery Works

    Recovery isn't easy if you're fighting addiction or chronic drinking. But you can find help from some churches with addiction programs, private, and government programs, and also AA - Alcoholics Anonymous. Learn about the 3 stages of recovery:

    Early stage recovery
    Middle stage recovery
    Late stage recovery

    Alcohol Treatment Centers

    Alcohol/Drug treatment Centers all require state or insurance (private) payments and some are court ordered; patients are tightly supervised during detox periods when they're coming down from their addiction.  

    Most expect AA attendance as part of their programs. 
    The word around the area is that some treatment programs tend to be pretty strict, especially the court ordered or state-paid ones for those with no insurance. Wouldn't hurt to find out from people in AA who have been there. 

    Kansas City/Missouri Services

    Click HERE, for sites in Kansas City, Lawrence KS, Missouri including DUI Details. This page will tell you lots about treatment everywhere.  But if you live elsewhere, Google your city PLUS a keyword for links.   Like typing (your city) "DUI",  or  "Alcohol", "Drug problems", "Homeless".   Try others.

    EGETGOING.COM national Online Treatment Group meets twice a week for six weeks - well known, paid for by most insurance. Live moderated group chat by appointment nights.  Often insurance paid.

    Insurance Issues

      Insurance rarely pays for court ordered DUI treatment.  But for medical and not legal reasons, Most insurance companies have benefits but  limit  how much "mental health" treatment they pay for.  And sadly, Medicare has NO treatment money.  But veterans can get help for PTSD  and treatment from the VA!

    Alcoholics Anonymous

    Alcoholics Anonymous 
    and Narcotics Anonymous are two worldwide organizations that have started in America and existed WORLDWIDE.

    They are free programs operated by former alcoholics and addicts, and they have chapters in all cities in the country and many foreign countries.

    Click HERE, to learn ALL about AA and NA!

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