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Password Reset

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 How to Geek
Reset Forgotten Passwords

Lost Windows
Lost Password 
Bypass Win 7

Answers Microsoft
Windows Forum 7 forgot password
Microsoft's directions how to fix unsupported issues.

PC Magazine
Launching Windows without a password  

Recover Yahoo Password 

How to Call back Private phone# *69  landline   #69   cell
Why Shut down your Network on Vacation
Buying a New Iphone?
Improving your WIFI signal strength
10 Best Wifi network equipment 2019
Mac How-To's
iPhone iPod How-To's
iPAD How-To's
Fixing a slow IPAD w Settings
Android How-To's
Windows How-To's

Warning about downloading DLL files
Digital Camera How-To's

Sending a Text Msg from your PC
Messaging on Iphone App
Making Phone calls on GMAIL
Making Free Phone calls with Google Hangouts

Best FREE MOVIE Websites
Lost password  

Laptop Magazine
Settings to change in Win 10 right away
Set a crash Restore Point, Unhide file extensions, Unhide known file types, Disable user account warning, Disable the lock screen, Make Chrome or Fox your default browser instead of crappy MS Edge they push on you, Speed up your shut-downs,
Change (make bigger) the size of text, icons

Change Windows Default Font

Find and Install new Font styles

Change your background and screensaver 

Change Win 10's color theme to a darker one

Microsoft's directions to fix unsupported issues.

Create custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Show hidden Windows Files and Folders

Add the old "My Computer" to your desktop

Add a child or adult user to your PC
  Give a trusted adult Administrator rights
Change your password in Win 10

Get to your familiar Desktop in Win 10

Add a Printer to your PC

Let Windows SCAN its System files.

How to Geek

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Backing up your Personal Data

In Win 8/10--Use File History Program
Downloading Win 7, Win 8.1, and Win 10 legally

Connection/ Internet Issues
If you can't get on the Internet, or stay on it, or it's dog slow, click here

Home Networking

AT&T's Speed Test

Test your internet speed on all your PC, laptop or mobile devices. Copy this "Must Have" utility to all your devices.

How to..Laptops
   Video 1      Video 2
Shortcut Keys
BIOS & CMOS keys F2 or newer, F10

Computer Clock
Using FN on your Laptop


Boot Issues

Troubleshoot  Startup

MS Technet
(Bleeping) Computer:
 Startup RepairsWindows Networking:
More Startup Issues

Win7 Bootloader Probs 

PC World:  
Reinstalling Win 7
WIN 10 No product key

Microsoft Answers:
Hiding Win 7 Accts
Logging In
VISTA Shutdown Problems
MS Updates:  Windows 8, 10

Various article authors:
Change Vista shutdown button
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Support HP
HP Black Screen
HP and FN key


The Last TIP:
Keep your device's Windows or Apple OS Operating system up to date! And on Wednesday nights, leave your computer on all night when Microsoft usually pushes down their software repairs (which they now call "Feature Updates"), don't put it off!

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