What is a "liberal", really?

   ...or shall we just take right wing radio's word for it?  

Liberalism existed long before Rush Limbaugh and Ronald Reagan.  In fact, progressive change on this planet has happened despite people like those who have wanted  to keep things pretty much like they are.

Video:  What's a Liberal - Fm West Wing

(From Season Seven:  West Wing, "The Debate Episode")
Presidential candidates Matt Santos and Arnold Vinick squared off in a campaign debate. Forrest Sawyer was the moderator. In a first for NBC's award-winning series, NBC broadcast the live West Wing episode featuring the fictionalized debate between presidential candidates Congressman Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Senator Arnold Vinick (Alan Alda).

 Here are some links to help you get past the media name-calling and see what's right about it.  You may decide you're more liberal than you thought!   Especially if you hang around only conservatives!

What's the difference between left and right?

Democrats are about PEOPLE, and Republicans are about PROPERTY.
Which of these is more important to YOU?

Genuine freedom includes two components:

       Freedom TO...   and   
       Freedom FROM...

LIBERTARIAN (conservative) ideology only recognizes the "Freedom TO" --which is why it's inadequate.  The two often come into conflict.

- Like smoking. Smokers' freedom to smoke in public conflicts with non-smokers' freedom from harm (cancer, etc.). Society initially supported the former but as evidence of harm mounted, shifted to the latter.

- Or like the environment. A company's freedom to pollute conflicts with citizens' freedom from harm (in various forms, including cancer and global warming). We've addressed this issue only in an adequate way to date.

The FREE MARKET alone can only support "freedom TO." It takes government regulation to support "freedom FROM."

That's why the liberal belief about freedom is much more powerful and ultimately beneficial to society than the libertarian theory of freedom TO.

    Libertarianism = the greatest good for the rich & well-connected
    Liberalism = the greatest good for the greatest number"

The ACLU defends the US Constitution--which protects YOU  from the rule of the mob and heavy-handed government!   Despite what the Republican propagandists say about their own liberty, the ACLU protects your liberties too. No one else is left but the courts to do so.  You should wonder why only LIBERALS -- not CONSERVATIVES -- support the ACLU!

   Click here to ACLU's MAIN Website find out what they REALLY do instead of what the right claims they do!  And more to debunk the claims of the religious nutcases.

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