Civilization is made of many cultures: racial, national, religious, gender, and many more. Here are links to some of them. (FB means Facebook)

Alternative News Stories
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Women's Issues 

Men's Issues

Many Faces  a photo collection
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Parenting Issues

Religion and Public Life

Pew Research Center

Fixing Relationships: Peace and Quiet
Ways for finding calm, reducing stress, better relationships

suicide prevention, and good head health

Meditation Music

Real Simple   FB
Food Home Style Holidays

Rise Earth
Knowledge Conspiracy 
 Spiritually Health Hemp

Liftable   FB
warm human interest stories
And far right wing, pro Trump propaganda

CBC TV Toronto Canada
CBC Comedy      CBC News


End the Drug War

Open Culture
Free Cultural & Educational Media
Truth Theory  
-alt news and anti-war

The College Fix  FB

National Student Journalism

HuffPost QueerVoices Section

HuffPost BlackVoices Section

HuffPost LatinoVoices Section

HuffPost Celebrity Entertainment

HuffPost Middlebrow Media & News

Awkward Family Photos

Polyvore Style FB 

"It's on US"
Anti Rape campaign
the Pledge
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for the video

Wonkette FB
Snide liberal politics with attitude

Alternet    FB News and Topics

Dating Blogs  BlogMetrics

Alternative Views

Extremism  Foreign and Domestic

News from the Dark Internet
Science  Tech  Culture Life  Sports 

True Activist
irreverent, thought provoking

Elite Daily
Voice of Gen Y

Above Top Secrets
Hard to find News, Politics, Reader  Rants

Broken Secrets
Nitche Posts

The Economist  FB

Vanity Fair

Esquire   FB

Foursquare City Guide 
Food and drink worldwide

Urban Dictionary

The Village Voice
Liberal NY Mag

Seniors for a 
Democratic Society




Ancient Origins
History, Archeology, unexplained
phenomena, evolution, origins