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What's real, what's fake?  Who's getting into my head?

Today's  "News" and "Political Opinion" sites are confusing.  Why do they mix both?  Here is some reading.  Bring a sack lunch. 

Media Matters FB Watchdog
Mediate  FB Watchdog
Police Abuse Many Links
TruthDig   FB
Roll Call   FB Congressional news
TechNorms  6 best Factcheckers

American Press Institute on Journalism  OH MY! 

Journalism- Columbia University NY
Politifact Truth-o-Meter   FB👈
Annenberg Foundation Home (part of Univ of Pennsylvania)
Annenberg FactCheck   FB  political policy checker
Annenberg Science Check  
Fake Newschecker  This is a new one!
Center for Public Integrity FB

ACLU  FB 👈 American Civil Liberties Union
Now This News   FB
Bill Moyers: 10 Best Investigative Links
Source Watch Website Watchdog
Center for Media & Democracy PR Watchdog

Open Secrets FB👈 Money in politics
Business Insider FB
Hollywood Reporter   FB Celebrity news
Bloomberg   FB Politics page

Media Watcher BLUE Liberal

The Huffington Post   FB👈
Huffpost Politics   FB👈
Independent Voter FB   on political polling  No FB.  Home
Reddit  on political factchecking  Homepage
Snopes  FB    general truthwatcher of email rumors
Pew Research Center   FB Public issues

Wikipedia:  Identifying Reliable News Sources

    The Wiki bans "Daily Mail" as unreliable
About:  Researchers' Tips on Reliability
Lee College:  How to Tell if a site is Reliable

MRC Newsbusters   FB 
Conservative, sometimes watchdog
Truth Voice   FB Police abuse and more
The Daily Dot:  Fake News Sites FB  a list

RON PAUL INSTITUTE For Peace and Prosperity FB

The "usual suspects"" ...

The Usual Right Wing Suspects
Other sites, often with 'tea party' or 'conservative' in their names, constantly monitor these more radical right wing sites.  You'll see they often 'cut and paste' their stories (without checking them) into their own pages.   So look at the small print near the bottom of the posts to see who actually wrote them.

Chicks on the Right 
Expose Harvard Right Wing List

Harvard's Fake News
/Misinformation Site 

 How to Spot Fake News


Wikipedia in Simple English
123,000 articles plain words perfect for slower readers
or those whose main language isn't English

Government of the US

 of the Political spectrum