Donald Trump entered office totally unprepared as president for the challenges of world leadership.  This was nothing like any hotel executive had seen--like big time Syria, troublemaker Russia, North Korea issues, and more!  Yup, way harder than he, or his supporters expected!
Some world leaders likely would try to take advantage of his inexperience!  Hopefully, he'll seek out the experience from prior wisdom he'd first rejected!  Syria, Russia's slipperyness and North Koreaj are way too complex to just figure out on the FLY!   Especially crazy TGje Crazy North KOREA young leader holding on so tight that he may get really UGLY, really FAST!

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Maddow: Powerful Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell broke America years before the election.
 His Republican "Party of NO" tactic as soon as Obama won the election was determined to make black Obama fail at every step!  Obama had no idea what he was up against with GOP party professionals!

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Video shocker:  United overbooked flight not part of the "Friendly Skies"

Click: WARNING:  Very disturbing photos.   If you Can't SEE these videos of poison- gassed DEAD Syrian children.... maybe your Government doesnt want to see them.

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